Step Off, I’m Doing The Hump



It’s a great Wednesday morning to be alive, wouldn’t you say? The sun is shining…ok, it isn’t, it’s actually raining, but hey, still woke up and body parts are still functioning. And since said body parts were still functioning this morning, I took them all down to the dungeon to put them to good use. Three days in a row, lol. 18 more makes it a habit, or so they say. I don’t know that I put full faith in that concept.  I’ll still do my best to get down there and put in work daily, though. Except Sunday. That is a day of rest. And football.

So, body is functioning, but oh so sore. It’s being stubborn and acting like we’ve never worked hard before. And really, we aren’t even working that hard…yet. Knocking down the T25/PiYo hybrid calendar because I’m a Beachbody fool. One of the things I have been amazed at in these last three days is how much less these two programs suck this time around. I swear to you that the first time I popped in a T25 or PiYo workout, I didn’t even make it the whole way through. I gave up. I sucked. Not any more though. Now, I am awesome. A couple levels of it.

Hey, remember our door ghosts? I totally thought that we exorcised ourselves of that particular demon, but just when we got comfortable, that damned garage door went up by itself again. Yesterday, we had tried resetting all of the codes and that kept the door down for a good 12 hours, but alas, the poltergeist has returned. Lovey did some further investigation and it seems that perhaps the super duper laser beam sensors aren’t quite correct as well. It’s always an adventure.

Speaking of adventures, you ever talk to Microsoft support on the phone? It’s probably more of a nightmare than an adventure, going round and round in circles, fighting the language barriers, rephrasing myself 5 different ways, the party never ends! ‘Nuff about that, though. It’s done.

I’m still trying to work out what I want to do, if anything, for my birthday. Maybe I’ll just buy a pole again, lol. That’s less than half of a weekend stay up in the mountains and I’ll keep it forever…or until I sell it again. I guess it’ll partially go the route of, will the landlord allow me to bolt up to the ceiling. I think she will. 🙂  But I need a fallback plan and I don’t have one. Where would you go? What would you do? Keep in mind that the budget is limited to under $1000 and it has to cover two people. See how hard that is?!?! I am totally accepting ideas here. I know it’s my birthday and I should pick, but I just don’t know what to do with myself. So typical.

Welp, much to get done and time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping, into the future. And happy Back To The Future day if that sort of thing floats your boat. Have a great day and don’t get caught humpin around.


Fresh For Monday



These are the things we must remember when it’s Monday and we just want to stay in bed for a little bit longer…or the whole day. When we don’t want to go to work, but bills don’t stop coming in. When we just don’t want to…the show must go on.

I’m not even sure how this happened, but it is already almost the end of 2015. I’m not ready! Summer just snuck by without me getting out to the range to smack some golf balls around. (Although we did get one of these to start doing more winter swing work in the basement.) And now, before anyone even knew it, it’s time to start waxing boards and looking for thermals.

How can I jump ahead like this? Well, it isn’t hard with Park City, Keystone, and Breckenridge all talking about getting ready to make snow and get the mountain ready for our impending visit(s). The weather is finally starting to turn and it’s in the 60s – it’s been way above normal until now – and it smells like fall outside. Plus, Halloween is right around the corner, which means Thanksgiving isn’t far behind. And if Thanksgiving isn’t far behind, you know that retailers will start putting up Christmas stuff in another couple of weeks. Yikes.

The end of summer/beginning of winter (see how I skip right over fall?) also brings about my birthday. In seven weeks and two days, I will have spent a whopping 42 years on this big ole ball of dirt. While I don’t currently have plans for the big day, especially since it’s in the middle of the week, I decided yesterday that I would take the next eight weeks and see what I could do with my body in terms of strength and flexibility in that time period.

I’m not totally off the deep end. Since I already have a base level of strength and flexibility, it shouldn’t be too terrible what I’m about to do. I just need to get it done and get it done right. First up is to start treating my body better from the inside out. I have been horribly neglecting my water intake and my body is hating me for it. You know I’m not totally right upstairs and I would know I’m not drinking enough water and want to see how far I could go. Yeah, I’m a nut. But I know better and am promising myself, at the very least, these next eight weeks of proper hydration. So hopefully no little nagging headaches along the way.

Just water won’t do it though. I need food. And lots of it. Back to having snacks and properly fueling myself so I don’t crash and burn when trying to work out. Snacks and protein shakes, welcome back into my life! Fortunately, sleep has always been a part of my life. And I find it to be very important so no changes there. Exercise, however, is getting a facelift.

After 7 weeks of Cize with Shaun T, I’m moving to something that basically targets the lower body since I’ll be needing a lot of that for the upcoming snowboarding season. So, like a lunatic, I put together a little morning regiment. I’ll start off with whichever day it is for the T25/PiYo hybrid calendar – today it was sculpt, which wasn’t as horrific as the first time I tried it. Follow that up with some gymnastics foundations work, then some stretching. By this time, I usually have to head upstairs for a bathroom break. This morning, getting back down the stairs was almost an incident. Legs tried to give out on me a little bit. But, Bambi legs and all, I made it back downstairs to finish up the morning work of an aerial yoga flow. That’s what I’ve got. 6 days a week for the next 8 weeks. 1 down, 47 to go. Will I stick with it? Only time will tell. All I can say is that I will try.

And with that, boys and girls, I think I shall call this a post. May the week ahead be filled with fun and happiness, and if not, at least may it not be filled with stress and hardships. Until the next post, I’m outta here!


Stardate 91544.45 – Captain’s Personal Log

I am now forty. Years. Phenomenal! Woot!

Growing up, having a winter birthday sucked. You really couldn’t plan parties because if you did, you knew you’d just get snowed in and have to cancel anyway. Today, having a winter birthday was pretty much the best ever.

A leisurely lounging around looking at the mountains over the balcony kind of morning was what I had. The mountain was super quiet, so we went up and took a run before heading home. There were some spots where we were the first tracks on the corduroy. It was a little chilly, but it was totally worth it. A nice drive home with only a few worry spots on the road. Back in the neighborhood, spotted a bald eagle flying over.

So, yeah, a pretty good way to greet the big 4-0. 🙂


May 9, 1910

Today would have been my grandmother's 98th birthday.  She passed back in 97.  Partially due to old age, partially kidney failure since she only had one because she had given the other to a family member.

I loved that woman with all my heart.  When I was little, I would go to church with her every Sunday and she would let me start the car.  I would spend practically all of my time at her house because she and my grandfather lived right next door to us.  My mom said that one day, when I was about 4 or 5, I packed up some stuff in a grocery bag and told my parents I was leaving and off I went to my grandparents' house.  Gram kept Mom calm when I dug up a Black Beauty out of the couch and ate it.  Gram broke it to my parents that I could read and I wasn't just looking at the pictures in the newspaper. (They really thought I was just looking at the pictures and didn't believe my Gram until she made me come over and read for them.)  Gram let me watch Welcome Back, Kotter on the big TV after school.

Let me tell you that the woman could COOK!  I never learned why she was nicknamed Cook, but she certainly lived up to it.  She made the best mac and cheese and peach junk EVER!  Those exact recipes went to her grave with her.  No matter how much time I spent in her kitchen and how many times I asked what went in, I never got an answer. :-)  It was always a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  The mac and cheese I can sorta replicate but I wouldn't even know where to start on the peach junk.

She had a set of dishes that she wanted me to have.  She told me so.  But when she passed, there was too much fighting, too much drama and I didn't get them.  I really wish I had them.

So, on this day, Gram's day, I like to think about the good things.  The Nilla wafers she always had for me.  Watching her cook.  Being able to go to her house any time.  Walking into her kitchen one day to find her drinking beer and burping with her church buddies.  Even her funeral isn't so bad to think about because it was a packed house full of people who loved her. 

Today, I know you are at peace, Gram, looking down on me and my brother and Kiddo, with Pops and Dad and Aunt Barbara and Uncle Kenny and so many others at your side, and I hope that you are smiling.  I hope that you know that we're doing our best.  I hope that one day we will see each other again and I can finally get those recipes.  Most of all, I hope you know that I loved you with all my heart.

Happy birthday.

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Shyner’s Cancer Awareness Day

Today is March 6, 2008.  It would have been my father's 63rd birthday.  Instead, he was taken away from us in July of 1998 by lung cancer.

I beg you, plead with you, urge you, if you smoke cigarettes, please, for your own sake and the sake of those who love you, QUIT!  Get yourself checked out by a good doctor and not by the hacks in Southwestern PA who diagnosed him with pneumonia and by the time they figured out they were wrong, he was already Stage 4.

He was strong until the very end.  Death showed up for him and he looked it in the face and said, "No, I'm not ready to go yet."  My mother saw this.  She knew there was no one in the room and asked him who he was talking to.  He said something along the lines of the man in black standing in the hall.

He had his good times even in the worst of times.  One day, his friends were over visiting and they sat with him and joked and laughed and smoked weed and you would have never known there was anything wrong with him.  If you didn't know.

I hope that we did right by him.  The man loved to cook on our outdoor BBQ pit.  And on July 4, after his service, we came back to the house and had the biggest cookout possibly ever seen in that yard.  I know he was looking down on us with a smile.

Happy Birthday, Dad.  We miss you.


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