Vacuum of Suck

ROCO Fridays – I'm way too lazy.

Fridaylutions – I'm slipping fast.

I am a vacuum of suck.  There's just emptiness floating around in my head these days.  Maybe my mind is still in Park City.  Yeah, that must be it.

I absolutely must get back into the gym next week!  I think that when I'm exercising I have a lot more focus.  Silly gym changed a lot of the classes that I wanted to go to.  Suckage!  Now I have to come up with my own exercise routine.

Hmmm, there's a lot of complaining going on here.  I have to stop that now.

In a moment of happiness, it is at least Friday and it is a long weekend.  AND, bonus on top of bonus, Kiddo is knocking out all of her volunteer work this weekend which means Lovey and I have the house to ourselves for the majority of the day Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

And I got an unexpected little bit of money today.  Which means I can buy an outfit to wear on Sunday.  The rest of it goes to paying bills.  Yay! (It is surprisingly difficult to find something slutty, that's not too over the top for me, here in Miami.)

Knock on wood, I have avoided all of the colds and sickness that are floating around.  Emergen-C to the rescue baby. 

Now that I'm feeling a little more motivated, I think I'll give myself some bullet points to take care of during the upcoming week.

  • Over the weekend, I must create a workout for myself. (any links, suggestions, or podcasts would be apprciated)
  • Also over this weekend, I have to catch up with school.  Networking classes really suck!
  • It's time for a good housecleaning too
  • Saturday pedicure, maybe manicure too
  • Eh, you know, stuff.

I hope that you all have a great weekend (a great long weekend if you have Monday off).

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4 responses to “Vacuum of Suck”

  1. What are you doing on Sunday?I have bookmarks for free online workout vids by a couple reliable sites (wide variety of stuff) but, of course, they're at work. I'll try to remember to post them next week.

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