What Time Is It?!?!

Morris Day & The Time – The Bird by coolfunk

Yeah, that’s right. It’s time to take it old skool. Quit pretending you don’t know. (Except for those few of you who REALLY don’t know due to your age, lol.)

Why? I have no idea. It’s just what was in my head when I woke up. That, and the thought of staying in bed for another 45 minutes and not doing any stretching.

Stretching won. But, stretching didn’t win because I have this awesome willpower to get up and try to make my body do things that make it scream, “THIS BITCH!”, stretching won because I feel bad if I have the alarm set and Hubby wakes up to wake me up and then I don’t get up and I have roused him from slumber for no reason.

Yes, my exercise routine is based on a guilt trip that I planned without the assistance of my local travel agency.

Hey, welcome to Thursday! Another week nearly down the tubes. It’s been a great week though.

Monday we focused a bit on conditioning in Spin Pole, which is going to become a focus of my class. Beautiful, spinning inverts in 2013! Spin is followed by Groove Shop where we started working on our number for the showcase. These ladies are gonna crush it. I love them. They’re all channeling their inner ‘bad bitch’ and giving all the attitude necessary to dance to this song. I cannot wait to finish up the choreography in a couple of weeks so that we can just polish and be Number One Stunnas! (You know, except for the fact that I’m not actually performing with Team Groove Shop, just doing the choreography. I’ll be  performing separately, and hopefully sexily with Lenny K a little later in the show.)

Tuesday, when we could stop laughing for 30 seconds, we worked on some fun stuff, some stuff that requires either strength, flexibility, or insanity that I don’t yet have. But also worked on that beauty of a handspring and the Ayesha-Straight Edge-Brass Monkey combo. I wonder how long I could hold that elbow grip straight edge…fun contest that would be.

Yesterday was my “relax” day.That just means I didn’t go anywhere after work, lol.

Today I’m finally getting an insurance appraisal on my ring. Tomorrow is a trip to the chiropractor, thankfully.  I’m in need.

Saturday is Second Saturday, so either you’ve been reading and you know what’s up, or you can go look it up, lol.

Sunday is StudioShyne, where the pole goes up and I may dance around the living room like a total fool. Life is good.

Crap, it’s gone and gotten late and I still have to nuke my oatmeal to a million degrees so that I can’t eat it for twenty minutes and then I’m late and my whole day is off schedule.  The horror!

I’ll ramble more to ya later. Till then……..tell ’em, Morris.

Angel Wings

If I had a large photo of the human back and asked a random sampling of people, “If you were drawing angel wings on that back, from where would they sprout?”, I feel that the majority of people would point to the same general area.  Upper back, somewhere near the shoulderblades, right?


Every now and again, maybe once every few months, my angel wings get super itchy.  It’s like phantom limbs or something.  Perhaps I’m here as a guardian angel, but I’m just now realizing it.  I wonder who I’m here to guard.  I don’t think that, so far, I’ve really saved anyone from anything so I suppose my work here is not done.  But, you know, the next time you hear a bell….it might be me. 🙂

No Mind Monday

I think it’s time for a round of The Last Samurai.

Lovey’s gotta go out of town so I’m trying to focus on happy things rather than being bummed.  Stuff like:

  • I have at least 5 episodes of American Horror Story to catch up on
  • Oh, the DVR is just full of stuff I need to catch up on
  • It’s a perfect time to give the house a nice, deep clean
  • I get to hit the studio four days in a row this week
  • Hey, we have happy hour this week too
  • Bow chicka bow wow upon return

This time next week, I’ll be concentrating on writing. And perhaps some Malibu with mango-pineapple juice because that’s what we do when we do what we do.

Aaaaaand I was just thinking that I would skip boxing today since I have a couple hours planned in the studio tonight, but a co-worker is interested in going so boxing it is. At least ill be seriuosly wiped out and ready for bed later.

I guess that’s all I have for this morning. Now get out there and start your week the best way you know how!


I guess that my agent didn’t hear about the new CBA since I’m going to be running two-a-days until Halloween. Let’s see what gives out first: my body or my will.  I’m guessing will.

As per the norm, I’m finding that change in routine is difficult to adapt to.  Changed my work hours and wanted to remember to take my vitamin and fiber thus morning. Well, I got to work on time at least.

A quick goal update:

P90X – alternating through three of the routines in the mornings
Pole – twice at home, once in the studio. Win!
Stretching – done and done. About 3 inches shy of that front split
Reading – slacking but taking lunch break starting this week to get some done
Teaching – not entirely within my control but still working. Steady Wednesdays next month!!

That’s about it. It may be rainy, or perhaps not where you are, but get out there and make it a fantastic day!!

So let it be written…

So let it be done!

Yeah, so, if you happened to go to Bellmar Junior High (not middle school), then that phrase ought to ring a bell with you.  I mean, we watched Ben Hur/The Ten Commandments (when that was still allowed)/The Blue and The Gray/The Bridges of Madison County at least once a year and sometimes more depending on what the teachers felt like doing.  It isn’t as bad as it sounds though because back then, teachers actually did some teaching and they worked movies into their curriculum rather than just throwing on a movie because they weren’t feeling like teaching.  Good times.

In other news: SUCCESS!

Last night I taught my first pole class.  Pretty sure that my students enjoyed their time and I’m pretty sure that they’ll be looking forward to coming back to the studio.  I still have some work to do to get the class where I want it (longer warmup, music change, switch up the moves), but for a first time out, it wasn’t bad at all. 🙂

Day 3 of P90X brought Shoulders, Biceps, and Triceps.  And we dare not forget Ab Ripper X.  This morning before beginning, I was a little sore.  I’m guessing that by this time tomorrow, I’ll be feeling some major muscle pain.  Fortunately, I have but to observe class on Thursday and try to refrain from busting out tricks while my body adjusts to this new pain that I’m bringing it.  Dear Glucosamine: GET IN MY BELLY!

There you have it.  That’s my 15 minute brain dump.  Not much, but enough.  Besides, if I just keep writing here, I’ll have nothing left for my book! 😀

Peace, love, and hair grease!