So let it be written…

So let it be done!

Yeah, so, if you happened to go to Bellmar Junior High (not middle school), then that phrase ought to ring a bell with you.  I mean, we watched Ben Hur/The Ten Commandments (when that was still allowed)/The Blue and The Gray/The Bridges of Madison County at least once a year and sometimes more depending on what the teachers felt like doing.  It isn’t as bad as it sounds though because back then, teachers actually did some teaching and they worked movies into their curriculum rather than just throwing on a movie because they weren’t feeling like teaching.  Good times.

In other news: SUCCESS!

Last night I taught my first pole class.  Pretty sure that my students enjoyed their time and I’m pretty sure that they’ll be looking forward to coming back to the studio.  I still have some work to do to get the class where I want it (longer warmup, music change, switch up the moves), but for a first time out, it wasn’t bad at all. 🙂

Day 3 of P90X brought Shoulders, Biceps, and Triceps.  And we dare not forget Ab Ripper X.  This morning before beginning, I was a little sore.  I’m guessing that by this time tomorrow, I’ll be feeling some major muscle pain.  Fortunately, I have but to observe class on Thursday and try to refrain from busting out tricks while my body adjusts to this new pain that I’m bringing it.  Dear Glucosamine: GET IN MY BELLY!

There you have it.  That’s my 15 minute brain dump.  Not much, but enough.  Besides, if I just keep writing here, I’ll have nothing left for my book! 😀

Peace, love, and hair grease!

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