Beams of Light

That’s what I see this morning.  I have a great big sunshine tapestry (thanks, J!) hanging in my window and the sun is coming in behind it.  Love it.

It’s a short one today because there is much to be done.  Work, work, and more work…which I love, and then teaching my first class tonight.  Somewhere between work and going to class, I really ought to paint my fingers and toes but we’ll see.

Cardio X showed me that I’m not in the horrible cardiovascular shape that I thought I was since I run out of breath if I try to walk and talk at the same time.  Room for improvement?  Always.  But hey, I won’t be too tough on myself since it’s day 2.

Also, lottery gods?  Couldya please?  Doesn’t have to be multi-millions.  $100K would be great right about now.  That would allow for several things that would allow for several things.  Yes, sometimes I talk in circles, but I know what I mean.

I’d love to stay and chat but I still have to go eat half a grapefruit before my breakfast is complete.  Go make your day a positive one!

PS.  I’m about to start reading “Women Who Run With the Wolves”.  Have you read it?  Did you like it?

Say What?