Here I go again

Yes, boys and girls, it is once again time to Bring It! P90X style.  With only about 3 months until the second incarnation of this sheer torture is released, I thought it would be a great time to tune up for it with the first program.  Once again, I’ll be running the Lean program as I’m not overly interested in bulking up like a gorilla.  Again.

Day 1 – Core Synergistics

So, either I’m not as terribly out of shape as I thought I was, or it’s just the P90X trickery of thinking, oh, this won’t be so bad.  Seeing as how I’ve done this before, I know it’s gonna be bad.  But the results are SO worth it.  As much as I love the kickboxing, it just won’t do everything that the X will do.  I’m very excited to gain the strength back that I had after the last round.

The most difficult part, for me, of the X, is eating.  There’s so much food to be eaten!  I’m not following the diet to the letter because I have additional workouts.  I have to eat a little more so that I don’t collapse.  This morning wasn’t too tough because I was actually hungry.  Realistically, this isn’t more than we would eat on a Sunday morning, it’s just different….and a little more health conscious.  It is suggested to have all of these different things, but I find it easiest to just pick a breakfast and a lunch and have it all week and then switch it up.

This week, breakfast includes: scrambled egg whites with baby spinach and Roma tomato, a glass of skim milk, half a grapefruit, and a cup of coffee.  This week’s lunch: turkey sammiches with a couple of Wheat Thin flatbread crackers.  Let’s not forget some snacks: lowfat mozzarella and protein shakes.  That’s a lot of food throughout the day and then there’s dinner.  It sounds like a lot, but there will be times where I’ll still be hungry.  I love it!

And then there was everything else.

Work is still trucking right along.  My replacement has accepted and now we just wait for the HR processes to do their thing.  My position has to be posted internally as a technicality and then I think the offer letter goes out.   I’m guessing that she’ll start in another week or two, max.

The pole apprenticeship is rawkin out.  Tomorrow evening, I’ll be teaching my first class.  I’m still in the preparatory phases on that one although I have it roughly mapped out in my head.  The playlist for class is done.  I just hope that my new students enjoy the style of class that I want to give to them: calm, relaxing, empowering, and fun.

Looking forward, there’s more work, more working out, more pole, more food, more football (HERE WE GO STEELERS, HERE WE GO!!), and more writing..hopefully.

Some of the ladies in my pole community were discussing not only NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in November, but also the less official NaNoPlaMo (National Novel Planning Month) in October.  I’ve known about NaNoWriMo for several years now but haven’t participated.  I think this is my year.  Why not be able to say by my 38th birthday, “I wrote a novel”?  Technically, I think I may be slightly cheating because I’ve started this novel, but I really want to finish it and have people reading it on the beach on vacation.

Now that you know way more than you wanted to about what’s going on in my life, I’ll be signing off.  Until tomorrow…..BRING IT!

Say What?