Hello, October!

I love the first day of the month.  Why?  It’s new contacts day.  Putting in brand new contacts feels like they just aren’t even there except that I can see.

First of the month is also a great time to make some goals.  New Year’s resolutions never work for me (or anyone else, probably), so I’m going to go with just some things I want to accomplish in October.

  •  Continue on with the P90X.  One week in and I’m going strong.  Strong and sore.
  • NaNoPlaMo – otherwise known as National Novel Planning Month.  I’ll be trying to head on back to Mrs. C’s eigth grade English class to outline the book I’ll be writing in November.
  • Zumba – I need to put together at least one class so I could sub in emergencies.
  • Teach/assist at least 4 classes
  • Read two books that have been sitting on my shelf.  Both start with ‘w’.
  • Stretch!  Try for 3 times a week.
  • Pole.  Home or studio, but at least 3 times a week.
  • No minds
This is  probably a ridiculous amount of things to try to accomplish in a month, but, as I was recently told and will paraphrase to fit here, I need to just do and stop thinking so much.  I’m off to do.

Say What?