Happy Halloween and stuff

Well, well.  Here we are at the end of the month.  Here I am ironing a toga to wear to work today.  With shorts.  And leg warmers.  And a jacket.  Inside.  Because no matter how much the people change, it seems that office coldness never does.  But cold and happy is always better than cold and miserable.  And everything is better with chicken and veggies in the crock pot for dinner.

End of the month also means looking back at what I posted at the beginning of the month so let’s see:

  • Continue on with the P90X.  One week in and I’m going strong.  Strong and sore. – Okay, I didn’t do phenomenally on this one, BUT, I did make it to the gym probably close to 15 times this month.  Seeing as how I’m still paying for going to the gym whether I go or not, I’m calling this one a win.
  • NaNoPlaMo – otherwise known as National Novel Planning Month.  I’ll be trying to head on back to Mrs. C’s eigth grade English class to outline the book I’ll be writing in November. – Unfortunately, this one was pretty much an utter failure.  I’m not necessarily surprised because I’ve never been an outline writer.  I just sit down and put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard as the case may be).   Come the end of November, we’ll see if not outlining was a help or a hindrance.
  • Zumba – I need to put together at least one class so I could sub in emergencies. – This is not done.  I don’t really know where I thought I would find the time.  Still needs to be done but I’ll kind of combine it into something else for next month.
  • Teach/assist at least 4 classes – Not quite.  But that’s ok.  There are only so many opportunities to teach in a month.  This gets knocked out of the park next month, easily.
  • Read two books that have been sitting on my shelf.  Both start with ‘w’. – Damn, failure again.  Reading is just going to have to fall off of my to-do lists for a little while.
  • Stretch!  Try for 3 times a week. – This one is actually good.  I really wanted to be in that front split by the end of October (I almost typed Coctober, lol) but the last few inches are always the toughest.  A few times this month I thought I felt my back leg touch the floor so I’m good with that.  I’ll just keep at it.  It isn’t as though I’m 18 and trying to force my body to do something it’s only done once EVER.  And that was by accident out of sheer terror.
  • Pole.  Home or studio, but at least 3 times a week. – Did pretty good with this one.  Usually home on Thursday and studio on Tuesday and Saturday.  It’ll switch up locations next month, but we’ll keep the intensity and maybe add a day.
  • No minds – This cannot even be judged.  But I’ll say that I”m getting better.
I guess I’m running at about 50% for the month.  For November I either need to be more motivated or I need to not try to do so much.  Which way will I go? If you don’t know, you just don’t know.  What should I try to do in November?
  • NaNoWriMo – Yes, actually write this novel.  It is started.  It just needs a twist perhaps.  And an ending maybe.  There are just so many ways the story could go.  Quite fortunately, I will have a LOT of free time this month since we’re taking a trip to Florida.  I see several mornings of squirrel watching on the porch with my laptop and a cup of coffee.  This is the year I do it!
  • Teach – I am on the schedule!!  November brings me four classes (would be 5 were it not for traveling). I just need to bring the funk to class and make sure that I give the ladies their money’s worth in the form of a nice workout, perhaps learning something new, and walking away with a smile.
  • Zumba – I need to do something with this.  I can’t say what just yet.  One or two of you know what I’m thinking.  I just need to get it all together.
  • Stretch – Still want that split.  Maybe I should push this one out to be by my birthday.  I’m sure giving myself an extra 9 days past the end of the month will do the trick. <insert eye roll here>
I’m going to leave it at that because it’s still a lot.  Might not seem like it, but I also don’t really feel like you want to know what I’m doing at every moment of every day.  And if I tell you, that might create a stalker.  Hahahahahaha, oh come on, not really.  I’m not that interesting. 🙂
I’m off.  May your day be full of treats and very few tricks.  I’m on to costume two because costume one is not work (at least not office work) appropriate.  Look at my Facebook photos to see it.  Have a great Monday!

Things on Tuesday – The Winter Weather Advisory Edition

Sometimes, or make the most of the time, I need a writing prompt.  Back in the Vox days, we had plenty of them.  Questions of the day and such.  Things on Tuesday was one of them so I figured it was high time to bring it back.  It’s a positives and negatives kind of thing because, no matter how much positive juju we exude, the reality is that there will always be a little negativity.  It’s what we do with the negativity that matters.  I like to throw it against the wall and watch it shatter into pieces like a beer bottle against railroad tracks, but that’s neither here nor there.  So without further ado:

Forgot to put my wipers up, forgot my scraper, and my battery is dead:

  • SNOW?!?!  It’s just October and it’s going to snow tonight, or so they say.  Since meteorology is such an exact science (insert eye roll here), they’re just saying it’s going to snow.  Could be 2 inches, could be six, could be a foot.  Who knows.
  • Cash in hand that’s now in someone else’s hand.  Almost two bones to “winterize” the car and not a moment too soon.
  • Owwww.  That’s what my side says right above my right hip.  Damn you, leg hangs.
Car turns right over and my scraper has a mitt to keep my hand warm and dry:
  • SNOW!!!!  I don’t care about driving in it; I’m a country girl.  Power slide into the driveway?  Yep.  That means it’s just that much closer to a snowboarding trip.
  • The car didn’t need any major repairs.  Yet.  I’m thinking it’ll last through this winter and then I can deal with perhaps riding my bike to work.
  • Abs/obliques.  I can see them.  I can also feel them.  They hurt.  I have a waist again.  Thanks, LA Boxing.
  • Pole mania.  I shall continue to conquer moves.  I’m really a fan of the extended butterfly right now.  Perhaps I’ll try building up more strength.  Enough to, gasp, Iron X.  Aim high!
  • I have my tickets.  To the gun show.  Bwahahahaha, hi Cotto!
  • October goals.  Goes in good over bad.  Traded P90X for boxing since I’m still paying for boxing.  The outline is still being put off.  I am so damn close to that split.  I think I may have felt my front leg touch the ground on Saturday.
  • Work.  It’s good.  One day in the near future, I may tell you how good it is.
  • Recruiting.  I do this constantly.  I think I have someone else heading to the studio soon.  Weeeeeeeee!
  • Speaking of the studio, yay for teaching on Wednesdays next month!  Get your level 2 game on and come to class with me!
  • Leg warmers and cute booty shorts.  Got a hookup.  Who’ll be the cutest pole dancer in Colorado?  Oh, hai, that’ll be me.
  • Goodbye iPhone.  No thanks, HTC.  I love my Samsung.  Didn’t think I’d be saying that, but I am.
  • THE RAVENS LOST TO THE JAGUARS!  Woot!  Steelers in first place in the division and all is right with the world.
And time is up.  Have a great day folks!


I guess that my agent didn’t hear about the new CBA since I’m going to be running two-a-days until Halloween. Let’s see what gives out first: my body or my will.  I’m guessing will.

As per the norm, I’m finding that change in routine is difficult to adapt to.  Changed my work hours and wanted to remember to take my vitamin and fiber thus morning. Well, I got to work on time at least.

A quick goal update:

P90X – alternating through three of the routines in the mornings
Pole – twice at home, once in the studio. Win!
Stretching – done and done. About 3 inches shy of that front split
Reading – slacking but taking lunch break starting this week to get some done
Teaching – not entirely within my control but still working. Steady Wednesdays next month!!

That’s about it. It may be rainy, or perhaps not where you are, but get out there and make it a fantastic day!!

ROCO Friday – The Return of the Reverend

Disclaimer: Search the blog for the tag ROCO Friday to understand that this is tongue-in-cheek before getting offended.

Let the congregation say, ROCO!

My congregation, my flock, the good Reverend has taken her message to the west.  Since doing so, I’ve felt the need to change my name.  Much like many of the things you already know, I’m the same great product in some new packaging.  The Reverend SteelerShyner welcomes you to her church of the Rockies.  Let the congregation say, ROCO!

It isn’t a ROCO Friday without some music for the congregation.  Let us rejoice along with Mr. Kemp as it is Friday and I just got paid.

It’s a beautiful day out there. The mountains are just starting to get a little snow on their peaks and the early sun turns everything quite an awesome shade of red/pink/purple. The Reverend is home.

Now, my good people, go forth and spread the good word of love, nature, and pole dancing. Your good Reverend will see you back here next week. Until then…..ROCO!

Sleep. It’s What’s for Dinner.

A war has begun.  Battle lines have been drawn.  Both sides are armed to the teeth.  It is Me vs. The Sleep Monster.

Most nights, and I’m talking a good 98% of the nights, my head hits the pillow and it’s lights out, see you tomorrow.  But oh, no, the Sleep Monster has been eluding me as of late.  Wait, that’s not accurate.  The Sleep Monster lays down with me in the bed and then waits until I’m asleep and thinks he’ll get up and sneak out in the middle of the night.  But I know he gets up.  His departure awakens me from my slumber and then for the rest of the night, it’s toss, turn, toss, toss, turn.

Could be related to Lovey having the craptacular 5-2 shift this week because when he doesn’t sleep well, neither do I usually.  Last night, I laid down at ten.  I could barely keep my eyes open (thanks, Merlot).  Off to dreamland I went.  But then that damn Sleep Monster left me.  I was confused as to what time it was and I don’t really have anything bedside that isn’t super bright that would allow me to see.  Since I was up anyway, I figured a trip to the bathroom was in order.  On my way back to bed, I stopped on Lovey’s side because that’s where the clock is.  This time, I was able to see the clock without any issue.  I wish I hadn’t.

I was wide awake and it was 12:30.  TWELVE. THIRTY.  I would usually revel in the fact that I could sleep for another 5.5 hours, but this was just painful.  Am I getting that old where I only need two hours of sleep?!?!  This is why I keep my life so full.  Eventually, I’m going to need a lot less sleep and if I’m not moving, I’ll be bored and then I’ll die a boring old lady death.  Nah, I’m good on that. *sets up the pole*

On another note, after one day with the new phone, I’m getting accustomed to it.  The battery life is somewhere to the left of craptastic.  I think it does what it wants, when it wants and I need to read the manual to see what settings I can change to keep hope alive.  The screen is wonderfully brilliant and I think it’ll come in handy if I want to record myself trying some new pole move.  Tonight.

Yay!  Tonight I get to work on one of my goals of getting in more pole work.  I’ll be taking class from 5:45 to 6:45 and then watching another member of Team Apprentice teach a class.  Going back on Friday as well.  Fun!

Also in the working out, health and fitness realm.  I am about three pounds away from maximum density.  Or at least that’s what the scale says.  But that damn thing doesn’t take into account that I have around 5 pounds of hair on my head (yes, it’s that heavy) and another, oh, let’s say 7 pounds in the chest.  So, the scale only knows what’s written on paper.  It doesn’t have the full story.  I don’t need to be concerned with what it says. *eats another cookie and then heads to the gym*

Oh, back to the phone.  It makes Words With Friends fun to play again.  It doesn’t freeze up and crap out.  So, yeah.  Find me on Facebook or some such and start up a game.

Yesterday’s 750 was easy.  Today, it’s a struggle.  I’m not going to make it but I have to be okay with that.  Accept my faults and all that stuff.  Ah well.  Time has run out.  Have yourselves a merry little Christmas.