I guess that my agent didn’t hear about the new CBA since I’m going to be running two-a-days until Halloween. Let’s see what gives out first: my body or my will.  I’m guessing will.

As per the norm, I’m finding that change in routine is difficult to adapt to.  Changed my work hours and wanted to remember to take my vitamin and fiber thus morning. Well, I got to work on time at least.

A quick goal update:

P90X – alternating through three of the routines in the mornings
Pole – twice at home, once in the studio. Win!
Stretching – done and done. About 3 inches shy of that front split
Reading – slacking but taking lunch break starting this week to get some done
Teaching – not entirely within my control but still working. Steady Wednesdays next month!!

That’s about it. It may be rainy, or perhaps not where you are, but get out there and make it a fantastic day!!

Say What?