Hold On, Ready Or Not

And aspirin. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Because I forgot how much pain P90X inflicts upon my body. Is this just a woman thing? Guys, do you remember how much it sucked the last time you started working out hard? Of course you do because that’s the way you’re wired. But oh no, not us ladies. We forget these painful things until they are upon us again. Like childbirth. Because really? If you could really remember what that felt like, would you go through it again? Yeah, some of you would. I would not and I don’t remember.

So let’s see…a quick body check:

  • Neck – finally feels better after two hard snowboarding crashes.
  • Shoulders – ouch
  • Upper back – tight
  • Delts and pecs – don’t even ask
  • Obliques – don’t turn around quickly
  • Abs – surprisingly painless
  • Hips – that neverending story of discomfort
  • Quads – I have scootch leg, I swear
  • Hammies – not too bad
  • Hip flexors – trying to claw their way out of my body
  • Calves – need more stretching but at least they don’t hurt
  • Feet – need love

So those feet, let’s chat about them for a moment. If you watch football, and of course you watch football, or any other sport, or you STRUGGLE TO POINT YOUR TOES, perhaps you’ve heard of plantar fasciitis. This little nasty can happen when the fascia on the bottom of your feet tightens up. From what I understand, it hurts a lot. Right, Eli?
Don’t wanna get that? Hell, no. Me either. To work towards never having this terrible ailment, get that lacrosse ball out and roll out those arches! If you’re like me, it’s gonna hurt like hell, but you’ll suffer through because a pointed toe/foot is so much prettier than a flexed one. And we all use and abuse our poor feet so much, they deserve some lovin too.
You’re still here? Go get that ball and get to rolling! I’ll see you back here tomorrow after work, Zumba, and, as come on, Shoulders and Arms and Ab Ripper X?!? I’m done.

2 responses to “Hold On, Ready Or Not”

  1. Yesterday was day 1 for me! Last time I did this, I only did like the first 3 days, and those took me 1-2 weeks to do. I did the classic schedule, and well… stopped.

    Sooooo here we go! I started the “Leans” schedule last night. I was surprised at how … out of shape I am, and how difficult that was!! I’m going to keep pushing it though!

    Going to the chiropractor, and we’re working on fixing stuff in my neck, so I’m getting better slowly… but I get way dizzy easily, and even turning/leaning my head the wrong way gives me headaches/nausea. The boat(?) – arrow – etc, and the other one – banana roll? or such..on the floor one made me dizzy 🙁

    Following this one: http://www.p90xworkoutschedule.org/
    So, today is Cardio X! Also, I need a mat…and my foam roller JUST arrived (got the text as I was typing this!)

  2. Lean is for sure a better one to start on. I did that one first time and second too. Trying classic this time.

    Don’t be discouraged! It isn’t easy. Just remember to modify wherever you need to and get to the end of each workout. You can do it!

    Hmmm, you’re not holding your breath are you? Just be careful and listen to your body. There’s plenty of stuff there to do that shouldn’t make you feel crappy. Don’t work till exhaustion because then your form goes south and that’s how you get hurt.

    I like Cardio X. Tar-ghey has yoga mats I think. No need to go bananas price-wise on that for the amount that you’ll use it for the 3 months of the program. 🙂 Ohhhh, foam roller. Enjoy that!

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