Monday Mania

For once in my life, I was actually looking forward to Monday. As nutty as it sounds, I was looking forward to exercising a little harder. Last week was “recovery week” in P90X which means no weights, just some cardio and stretching. It happened to fall at a good time, but I still really struggle with it. Once I get into a rhythm, I want to keep hitting the weights even though I fully understand the need for rest. But today, back to WORK!

So, if on Saturday you use your upper body to suspend yourself from fabric and also to relieve the pressure of said fabric from causing some lovely burns, and then on Sunday you use that same upper body to suspend yourself from some fencing that you hope to the high heavens doesn’t fall down on you, what’s the thing you wanna do most at 5am on Monday morning? You guessed it! Chest, shoulders,and triceps. Hey, you know what, why don’t you also go to a pole class tonight to ensure that you REALLY won’t be able to lift your arms tomorrow? I’m on it!

And don’t think for a moment that I’m not going to acknowledge that it’s OPENING DAY!!!! Let’s go Bucs!

RAISE IT!!!  Happy Monday!


Live And Learn

Sorry, no video today. A few came to mind, but in the end, I just didn’t think any of them were “the perfect cheer”.

I bet that being a model is tough, but pretending to be a model is even tougher. That I learned today. I was in total noob land, but gave it the old college try. It’ll be interesting to see how the photos come out, especially considering the effect we were going for. I’m really hoping that the flying one comes out neat.

And now, just like that, the weekend is coming to a close. Bummer. If you’re a slave to that corporate grind like I am, rest up for the battle of Monday is over yon crest. Suit up, soldiers! Prepare for battle. Let the Five Day War…..



Weekend Warrior

Oh yeah. It’s Saturday. That day when I “sleep in” all the way until 9. I make breakfast, which is my favorite meal both to make and eat. And today, a workshop. But before that, let’s rewind the clock.

Yesterday was the monthly visit to the chiropractor. I know that I’ve been going there a while when we basically have a rundown of what I think is wrong before treatment. I’m usually correct. I mean, it IS my body after all. Yesterday it was the right hip. That bad boy was way out of line. After everything was back in line, I decided that when I don’t ask, I don’t know, so I asked about Graston. It’s a procedure to break up fascia, well, maybe break up isn’t the right phrase, but it’s good and it’s what they were doing for me at physical therapy last year. I figured that insurance wouldn’t cover it and that it would be really expensive, but NO! It’s within a budget range and I get to do it. Stoked.

Today, it was a return to a FabPole workshop. Phrases uttered included: ow, ow, ow, fa, fa, fa, fa, fuuuuuck and my vagina is on my back now. Fun? Yes. A bit ouchie? Also yes. I am sporting some angry red lines in my hip and ass area. But, definitely worth it because I need to keep challenging myself with new stuff.

Today was also a perfect day for relaxing with a bottle of KJ and looking at flowers. Flowers outside, flowers inside. They make me smile.

It’s Saturday. You got a video. I don’t have to post a lot. 😛



ROCO Friday – Damn, It Feels Good

To be in my yoga pants. At my house. Comfortable. Because it’s Friday. Still working, but working comfortably. The difference is huge, my friends, huge.

It’s just wonderful that it’s Friday. I am happy beyond words. But yet I’ll keep writing them down.

Two things:

  1. I got beautiful “just because” flowers today.
  2. I think that I found the perfect skin care regimen. When I wash my face in the shower, it feels so super smooth right now. I just want to stay in there and touch my face.

Hey, I hope you remembered to ROCO today.


Oh man, oh man, ohhhhh maaaaaaaan.

Sometimes, there’s just a mental state that sets in and all one can do is sing along with something that requires only the tiniest amount of though. Enter the above. Plus it’s just fun to sing along with in its nonsensical way.

Something I learned the hard way last night is that I am no good the next day if I go to sleep, am woken from said sleep to do work, then have to try to go back to sleep. You see, I like my sleep which means I’m usually in bed by 10pm because 5am really does come pretty quickly. When my work phone rings at 11:30, I’m groggy at best and grumpy at worst. Then when I’m done with work at 12:15 and I go back to bed, it’s 45 minutes of tossing and turning and trying to relax and shut off my mind to get back to sleep. Yes! Being the boss is awesome.

This morning was my second go-round with Fit & Bendy. Knowing that the warmup in the video wasn’t quite enough for me, I knocked out 100 jumping jacks before I got started. Realistically, still not enough of a warmup, but better than nothing. Again today, I am feeling like I stretched and I could tell the difference from just one session in the opening of my upper back and shoulders. The real test will be to see if I get any movement from the upper back when I go to the chiropractor as he usually has a pretty tough time getting my upper back to adjust. That will be a small victory that ends up getting squashed by all of the other things that are out of place (right leg turns out, hips out of line, shoulders mild disaster). I am also seeing the tiniest bit of progress with my split as well, on both sides even! There’s a section for middle splits and I do that as well, however, I think that I fall into that category of people whose  femurs sit deep in the hip socket which in turn does not allow for center splits. I promise you that I am not simply making this up as an excuse. I have X-rays and MRIs that show exactly that, but I’ll still work on getting them as far as my body will allow.

Thursday. Thirsty Thursday. No. But I can’t think of a word that starts with “th” that applies to me going to the firing range. Thwack Thwack Thursday. And it’s been the kind of week where thwack, thwack, thwack is certainly needed. It’s the little things that let me blow off steam and help keep me sane. Little things…firing off that 9mm and pole dancing. It sounds funny, but you’d probably be surprised how many gun enthusiast pole dancers there are. I mean, without even thinking, I know of five. It’s always fun to see one thing bring people together to learn that they have so much more in common.

Throw your hands up and just say ho! Hasta mañana.