Weekend Warrior

Oh yeah. It’s Saturday. That day when I “sleep in” all the way until 9. I make breakfast, which is my favorite meal both to make and eat. And today, a workshop. But before that, let’s rewind the clock.

Yesterday was the monthly visit to the chiropractor. I know that I’ve been going there a while when we basically have a rundown of what I think is wrong before treatment. I’m usually correct. I mean, it IS my body after all. Yesterday it was the right hip. That bad boy was way out of line. After everything was back in line, I decided that when I don’t ask, I don’t know, so I asked about Graston. It’s a procedure to break up fascia, well, maybe break up isn’t the right phrase, but it’s good and it’s what they were doing for me at physical therapy last year. I figured that insurance wouldn’t cover it and that it would be really expensive, but NO! It’s within a budget range and I get to do it. Stoked.

Today, it was a return to a FabPole workshop. Phrases uttered included: ow, ow, ow, fa, fa, fa, fa, fuuuuuck and my vagina is on my back now. Fun? Yes. A bit ouchie? Also yes. I am sporting some angry red lines in my hip and ass area. But, definitely worth it because I need to keep challenging myself with new stuff.

Today was also a perfect day for relaxing with a bottle of KJ and looking at flowers. Flowers outside, flowers inside. They make me smile.

It’s Saturday. You got a video. I don’t have to post a lot. šŸ˜›



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