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    Weekend Warrior

    Oh yeah. It’s Saturday. That day when I “sleep in” all the way until 9. I make breakfast, which is my favorite meal both to make and eat. And today, a workshop. But before that, let’s rewind the clock.

    Yesterday was the monthly visit to the chiropractor. I know that I’ve been going there a while when we basically have a rundown of what I think is wrong before treatment. I’m usually correct. I mean, it IS my body after all. Yesterday it was the right hip. That bad boy was way out of line. After everything was back in line, I decided that when I don’t ask, I don’t know, so I asked about Graston. It’s a procedure to break up fascia, well, maybe break up isn’t the right phrase, but it’s good and it’s what they were doing for me at physical therapy last year. I figured that insurance wouldn’t cover it and that it would be really expensive, but NO! It’s within a budget range and I get to do it. Stoked.

    Today, it was a return to a FabPole workshop. Phrases uttered included: ow, ow, ow, fa, fa, fa, fa, fuuuuuck and my vagina is on my back now. Fun? Yes. A bit ouchie? Also yes. I am sporting some angry red lines in my hip and ass area. But, definitely worth it because I need to keep challenging myself with new stuff.

    Today was also a perfect day for relaxing with a bottle of KJ and looking at flowers. Flowers outside, flowers inside. They make me smile.

    It’s Saturday. You got a video. I don’t have to post a lot. 😛



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    37.57 – Flexible?

    This early evening at the chiropractor, the good doctor was checking my hip/hamstring flexibility.  I felt like he was just moving my leg around but apparently there was a method to his madness.  He claimed that I am “very flexible”.  Some of you who read this will know that I am NOT very flexible, at least not by my standards. (I hold myself to the impossible standards of people who have been seriously stretching for a long time, like people who work for Cirque.)

    So here’s the test: lie flat on your back and either see how far you can lift your leg or how far someone else can lift it for you.  Doctor says that the typical flexibility range is between 45 and 70 degrees.  That’s the angle between your leg and the floor.  Angle ABC where A is your toe, B is your butt, and C is the space where your foot used to be on the floor.  I don’t think that’s a heck of a lot of flexibility, but I don’t know, you tell me.  What’s your angle?  I can push about 110 but he also wasn’t trying to stretch me.

    In my neverending quest for fitness or at least some somewhat fun way to get some exercise, next week I’m going to try out LA Boxing.  I’m planning to start with a little cardio boxing then move to kickboxing.  If I am super pissed off, like I was today, then I might go the MMA route.  Y’all know me and I can see you nodding your head going, “yup, I totally see her doing that.”  I’ll let you know if I can move at the end of next week.  I didn’t forget you Zumba.  I still love you.  I might even still come see you too.  I’m gonna be hawt AND I’ll kick your ass.

    Nothing lightens your mood like Winter Wipeout.

    Lair creation is right on schedule.  Tv and stand: check.  Sexy floor lamp with bendy arms: check.  Two great big beanbags: check (well, ordered today anyway).  You know, because it’s not enough to have an office in which to write, I need every space to be utilized and pretty.  All this to try to rearrange it at some later point when we move.  Fun!

    Okay, for realz, I need to work on my book outline.  Be good, kids!

    And of course, let us not forget:

    HERE WE GO, STEELERS, HERE WE GO!!!! #SteelerNation #StairwayToSeven