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    Weekend Warrior

    Oh yeah. It’s Saturday. That day when I “sleep in” all the way until 9. I make breakfast, which is my favorite meal both to make and eat. And today, a workshop. But before that, let’s rewind the clock.

    Yesterday was the monthly visit to the chiropractor. I know that I’ve been going there a while when we basically have a rundown of what I think is wrong before treatment. I’m usually correct. I mean, it IS my body after all. Yesterday it was the right hip. That bad boy was way out of line. After everything was back in line, I decided that when I don’t ask, I don’t know, so I asked about Graston. It’s a procedure to break up fascia, well, maybe break up isn’t the right phrase, but it’s good and it’s what they were doing for me at physical therapy last year. I figured that insurance wouldn’t cover it and that it would be really expensive, but NO! It’s within a budget range and I get to do it. Stoked.

    Today, it was a return to a FabPole workshop. Phrases uttered included: ow, ow, ow, fa, fa, fa, fa, fuuuuuck and my vagina is on my back now. Fun? Yes. A bit ouchie? Also yes. I am sporting some angry red lines in my hip and ass area. But, definitely worth it because I need to keep challenging myself with new stuff.

    Today was also a perfect day for relaxing with a bottle of KJ and looking at flowers. Flowers outside, flowers inside. They make me smile.

    It’s Saturday. You got a video. I don’t have to post a lot. 😛



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    A Mild Slump – But A Video Too!

    That’s where I am. The rational part of my mind realizes that I do plenty enough; the irrational part thinks all I do is lay on the couch and eat BonBons. The rational part of my mind knows there are only so many hours in a day; the irrational part says I could be doing SO. MUCH. MORE with my time. Hey mind, how’s about you get your act together?!?!

    With only today and tomorrow left in the month, I could either finish strong or take it easy. You go ahead and guess which train I’m on. I think that having a “recovery week” in any exercise program is detrimental to my progress. It happens every time. I get lazy and I don’t do the recovery week exercises because they aren’t challenging enough. The rational part of my mind says that’s because it’s a RECOVERY week you moron; the irrational part says you’re so lazy because you aren’t sweating. Just sit around instead (because that somehow makes me LESS lazy?) On Monday, I’ll start the whole program over again. It’s not actually that bad to start over since it will have me finishing three weeks closer to vacation. Still leaves a month to spare. 122 days and counting. That will be a challenge – to write every day whilst on vacation. Trying to keep up a routine of anything while on a ship is tough. When you’re not working there, that is, and I certainly will not be working.

    On the list of accomplishments for January, I completed our FabPole routines class. Video below. Hard to believe that we did this over the course of four weeks with only one hour per class. There will be a prettified version at some point, but this is it for now. I’d like to do it over, tweak some things here and there, but for the most part, I’m satisfied. Also, my armpits have fabric burn. Schmexy!

    So at least there is that accomplishment for January, combined with I have put words in this blog every day and I worked out for most of the month. (As much as I know that numbers on the scale shouldn’t mean crap, I was still pretty disappointed when I got on the scale at the gym earlier this week.) Promotion plus raise is good. Bringing my gym membership fees down to a steal of $20 a month is pretty outrageous. Even if I only go to one Zumba class a week, I’m still saving at least $20 a month with this membership. It’s out of control and I love it! Bonus hot tub, steam room, and sauna included.

    A family friend is a part of an event tonight that we’ve been invited to. Said event is in a strip club (which you *know* I have no issue with) and they’re combining with a “strip-off”. I didn’t know about this part until I started doing some research. Prize is $200. Chances hubby would not blow a gasket if I breathed in that direction? 2000%, lol. Perhaps I’ll just send my brother and he’ll have a good time. Because if you can believe the meteorologists, and you can’t, it’s supposed to snow 20 feet tonight or some minuscule amount that everyone will act like is 20 feet. Buck up already! This is Colorado where you should be used to the snow driving by now.  There can’t be that many transplants here from non-snowy states, although there are a lot of transplants here, us included. 🙂 We add flava to this pretty white state. (You add or remove punctuation as you wish there.)

    Well, kids, we’re in the home stretch of this week. Be proud of yourself that you made it this far and give yourself something to look forward to every day even if it’s only the end of your work day. Have a great Thursday and be excellent to each other – name the movie.

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    126/66 – The Push-Pull Experience

    Shout out to Justin Timberlake, of course. He was here in concert last night but I couldn’t bring myself to drop the cash on that. That’s my yoga chair and it’ll be around long after JT blows town. Sorry, man. Maybe next time.

    Chest and back day. There aren’t enough words to describe the level with which I do not like this. I would rather do legs for three straight days than this for one. Hubby is just the opposite. I wonder, again, if it’s a guy/girl thing. As much as I hate it, I still do it because strong arms are sexy arms and I use those arms a lot for aerial stuff. Got my numbers up again also. 126 pushups and 66 pullups in 30 minutes. Friggin Tony Horton. Your exercises work, but you need to stop telling those lies that your protein/energy drink tastes good. It does not. Just like any other protein shake, it tastes like poop. Except the Gatorade one and some Muscle Milk, but I don’t want to have to take a Lactaid every time I work out. Stupid system that won’t accept milk without making me hate my life. Ok, ok, enough complaining already!

    Last night’s FabPole class was certainly more of a success than last week’s class. I managed to figure out how to get inverted without banging my ass on the pole (ha, that’s so dirty) and mostly figured out the new moves that were introduced. No video this week. I think there will be one after next week’s class though. I think that, while it doesn’t always feel the best (see screaming red marks on my back and in my armpits), staying tight looks so much better than a more relaxed pose even though it’s a flowy type of apparatus. I know myself well enough to realize that I will probably never look at a video of myself and say “holy crap, I’m awesome!”, but I’m at least at a point where I can watch my own videos and not just be totally disgusted by them. Progress!

    In other news, my procrastinating ass did finally sign up for the writing lab. It runs for a couple months and it is certainly going to be a challenge. Every day has a writing assignment.  That’s in addition to my assignment to myself to get words down in this blog every day. I’m hoping that after a couple weeks, it will become as (almost) second nature to me as this daily writing. I’ll certainly have to get outside of my box to get this done successfully, but that *is* the whole point. The first assignment I thought up while I was in the shower. It wasn’t supposed to be deep or anything, just kind of a little something. After I wrote it,though, I looked at it with different eyes and saw the double meanings I had unintentionally put in there. Cool! I can do this! I want to give you something to read that sucks you in and makes you irritated when you have to put it down and sad that it’s over when it is. Lofty goals,eh?

    My goodness, I think I’m going through snowboarding withdrawl symptoms. I’m itching to get out and ride, but although we got about 4 inches last night, I don’t think there’s any freshies up on the mountain. Kinda want to wait for some new snow after the last visit.  Hopefully that comes, oh, around January 31 since we’ll probably go up on February 1. 😀  I love my life.

    What about you? Have an exercise day you love over one you hate? And no, none of them and all of them are not good answers. How about your trip planning? Days to weeks to months in advance or spur of the moment? While you’re thinking on it, go have yourself a great day. It is, after all, Thursday and one day closer to the weekend!

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    I Work Out (Girl, Look At That Body)

    Oh yes. This morning, I feel accomplished. I upped my push-up/pull-up game just a touch from last week. Then: 45/95. Today: 57/115. I’m hoping to push that number up every week for the next three Thursdays. Pretty stoked on the P90X3. You should try it. Only 30 minutes a day! Message me for more info. Only down side here is that I’ll be done around the end of March and bikini vacation isn’t until June. I guess a second round won’t hurt.

    Last night, I went to my second FabPole class. Did I mention that I’m taking this class from the woman that invented it? No? Well, there you go. Now you know. And since knowing is half the battle, GO JOE! Officially two hours in (two one hour classes) and we’re working out a routine. We’re about 2 minutes in and I love it. I know that there are things that I need to work on (the broken neck look, the WTF hands, and occasional toe points), but I’m actually able to look at this and say “hey, for two hours of practice, you’re not doing too badly.” Without further ado, here’s what we’re up to (it’ll take a minute to load and I’m not sure how this looks on mobile):

    Weeeeeeeeeee! So much can get done with this apparatus. I’m excited to see what else we learn. I’m also excited to work out that straddle back at the end so I don’t just slam my ghetto booty on the pole. We did just learn that part last night, so I don’t feel too badly about it. I mean, yeah, it bangs against the pole, but why else am I doing all of these squats and lunges if not to lift that baby up? Booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin’ everywhere!

    Thursday. I swear that not three weeks ago, I was saying how the weeks were going by uber-quickly and now, it seems that time has decided to push the slow motion button. I’m not sure if it’s because I don’t have my entire week packed full of activities…yet, or what, but it’s crazy. Maybe because I just want to get to the weekend to get up to the mountains to tackle jumping. Maybe it’s because I’m taking the time to stop and smell the snow after I faceplant. The world may never know.

    Did you ever want something to drink and opened up the fridge and there wasn’t a damn drop in sight? Did you close the door disgustedly and walk away? Did the light bulb over your head go on almost immediately after the fridge light went off? Did you run back there and grab a couple of Cuties?You know those little oranges/tangerines/tangelos/whatever the hell they are? No? Just me again? Damn. Well fine, I’m not gonna share then. As a matter of fact, I’m gonna take my Cuties and go try to get mentally prepared for my first “boss” meeting today. I don’t think they’ll be expecting much of me outside of my attendance, but you just never know. How much do you love an unexpected surprise?

    Get on out there and have yourself a thumpin’ Thursday. If you get down, just remember, tomorrow is Friday!

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    Ante Up!

    Kidnap that fool!  Because this platform isn’t friendly to embedding YouTube videos, there’s the link. Good Thursday morning anthem, but then again, I don’t start my days like most people. 🙂

    How did I start my day, you didn’t ask because you don’t care but I’m going to tell you anyway? Why, in the way of us X-heads,of course. 95 pushups and 45 pullups over 30 minutes. The last 5 of each of those were absolute suckassishness, but push, push, push! Have I mentioned P90X3? Hahahahaha, of course I have. Dear body, thanks for bouncing back pretty quickly every time I fall off of the workout wagon.

    Last night I had my first FabPole routine class. Loved it. It’s pretty yet it still takes strength and more grace than I have. I still have to keep the fabric lower on my back and not in my armpits, but hey, it’s the second time I’ve ever tried it so I think I’m on a good path. Three more weeks to keep learning and get it all down. I got this. When we’re all done, I’ll post a video…maybe.

    Proud to announce that on only my fourth day using my sandwich maker, I have perfected the art. This morning, my whole sandwich was hot and none of my cheese melted off into the sunset. I think this has a little to do with me switching cheese, but more to do with my “sandwich making” skills. I can’t wait to see what else I can put in that little bugger and make deliciousness.

    I didn’t forget about yesterday’s writing prompt. I just think that I’ve written that post previously. When I read today’s prompt, my initial thought was that it was another one I would throw by the wayside, but then I started thinking more about it. The prompt says: It’s 1984. You’re locked in a room with your greatest fear. Describe what’s in the room. Back then, I was 10 years old. Do you know what kind of irrational fears plague 10 year olds? For me, it wasn’t the dark or something fairly normal. At that age I had three major fears: our house burning down, tornadoes, and nuclear war (Reagan SMASH!).

    The fear of the house burning down has basically followed me into my adult life and up to this day. It is probably slightly irrational, but I cannot help it. Every time we leave for more than two days, I get freaked out the moment we turn onto our street, and I’m deathly afraid that our (rented) house has burned down. Were I to psychoanalyze myself, I’d say that this issue stems from my (great?) grandmother dying in a house fire. Her house. It couldn’t have been too long before 1984. Follow that up with a nightmare about riding the bus home from school and coming around the corner to our house and everything goes into super slo-mo. I can, for some reason, hear my neighbors talking in their yard (yes, I’m still on the bus. Slo-mo obviously gives you hyper-sensitive hearing also) before the bus rounds the corner and I see our house burnt to the ground. I literally woke up screaming. Yikes. One of three nightmares I had as a child, or at least one of the three that I vividly remember.

    I’m not entirely sure why I was so scared of tornadoes, but oh boy was I. I still don’t relish the thought, but I’m certainly better than I was. If it was stormy and windy, I wanted no part of anyone. At 10 I just KNEW that I knew how to survive the dreaded tornado. What’s crazy is that where I grew up, there were very few tornadoes. One did touch down about 2 miles from our house, but it was about the equivalent of the fart of the lactose intolerant after a bowl of ice cream. Oddly enough, the tornado fear didn’t translate into a hurricane fear when I lived in Miami. Don’t get me wrong, my first tropical storm I nearly shit my pants, but after that, I was cool.

    So then why is a 10 year old so scared of nuclear war? Why does a 10 year old even know about this? Too much news at too young of an age. Too much listening to adults talk about the President. Too wild of an imagination. All of the above. I was quite a strange child, of this I am sure. Carried that into adulthood too. Being strange, not fearing WW3.

    What about you? Any strange or irrational fears you’re harboring? It can’t be just me. Even us one-of-a-kind folks have similarities.