Like Wiz Says

Language, Wiz. I could’ve looked harder for the radio edit, but we’re all grownups, right? Riiiiiight.

It’s only Wednesday. Or, it’s only Wednesday and I’ve put in 5 hard workouts this week with 3 stretching sessions. See that? Positivity! Go me! On that stretching note, I suppose it’s time for splits progress updates. Looks like this:

3.5 R Split3.5 L Split

I could put up before and after, or you could just go look here. I know that I’m making progress and that’s kinda more important than you knowing. Still love ya. I’m feeling pretty good about the progress that’s being made. Perhaps three more months and I’ll get it all the way to the floor.

This morning I tried a little oversplit stretching. Just a tiny bit with my front foot up on the short side of a yoga block. With that, I could definitely feel that there’s more stretching to be done. More, like beating my hip flexors into submission. Those little bastards hate me with all their might. Yesterday, they said, “Ha! You think you’re going to get up from sitting and just walk like a normal human?!?!  NO! You will work your way from caveman to human every single time!” And I wondered, why, oh why are you doing this to me?

 You see, I can deal with being sore…as long as I know why I’m sore. Yesterday, I didn’t know why I almost couldn’t walk. The source was really escaping me – until this morning. After Shoulders and Arms (great workout when I’m gonna go shooting later today) I got down on the floor for Ab Ripper X and VOILA! That’s why I couldn’t walk. You see, that workout is more than just abs. It’s CORE. Upper abs and lower abs and hip flexors and all that great stuff. Ouch. So tomorrow will probably be more of  yesterday but hopefully to a lesser degree.

 As much as I’d like to chat all day with ya, I gotta go work hard so tonight I can play hard at the range. That grouping is gonna be phenomenal and centered tonight. Hopefully pretty enough to share a picture with you tomorrow. Until then, work, work, work.

Say What?