Today is my dad’s birthday. He would’ve been 69 today. I will take this moment to say Fuck Cancer. You are certainly missed, Dad. I sometimes see things and think how much you would’ve liked or really disliked them. You may not be here physically on this earth, but I know that you help to guide me in certain situations, and in others, you’re still letting me find my own way. I hope that wherever you may be, fishing on the banks of some really awesome river, that you are at peace and are proud of us.

Today is also Shaq’s birthday, so a happy birthday to him as well.

For my Club Medders, Happy Club Med To Ya.


Went to the range last night, and that’s my last 40 shots over there. I had started off strong, but my shoulders got super tired (hello, P90X) and so my shots just started going kinda allover the place. Overall, I’d say it isn’t bad considering it’s only the second time I’ve been out to the range with my gun and only the third time I’ve shot a handgun. Country girls shoot rifles and shotguns, you know. And, as it was  pointed out to me, I took out the threat and that’s all that really matters.

In other news, the workout pain is finally subsiding. Thankfully, this morning was “only yoga”, but it was Yoga X which means 45 minutes of vinyasas and another 45 minutes of balance poses and stretching. Hurts SO good!

It’s a shortie today. It’s Thursday! One more to go!

Say What?