Workout Wednesdays

That video will make sense in a little while.

So here we are on workout Wednesday. Certainly the toughest but best day of the week. Like every (week) day, I’m up at 5. I have a date in the basement with Shaun T for T-25 where I also, at times, jump higher than needed. Motherf$#k spiders. I’m so tired of seeing them down there. If you’re wondering, no, I don’t kill them unless they are making threatening ‘I’m gonna jump on you’ movements. Then, they die because I’m not down with spiders being on me or in my hair or biting me. You’ve (probably) seen my hair. A spider would get lost in there. I’m sick thinking about it.

After Shaun wears me out, I try to dry off enough sweat to both get out of the current workout top and into the next one for it’s off to the gym! Chug a protein shake on the way. Usually, there’s no sweating involved in yoga, but now and again, we have a killer class where I’m sweating…and we’re outside. Mind you, it’s usually only about 60 degrees out at 6:15 in the morning. I’m also still hot from cardio. Woo! 75 minutes and it’s back home to shower and change clothes. To go work out again!

Off to the rig. Today we had a brand new person, one of my pole sisters, Lisa. She has a gymnastics background so the first part came fairly easily for her. I mean, for having never been up there, to only go four times and have that fourth time be a knee hang catch? Yeah, she’s got it. I, of course, was my typical lazy self at the rig. One warmup swing, one swing, one layout, and I’m here to pull lines and be social. I need that mental health break, trust me.

Usually that’s the end of the workout day. I come home and shower and head in to the office. But oh no, not today. Today, I’m throwing in a pole class for good measure. Why? Because I’m slightly off my rocker, but also because I hear we were gonna work on some fun stuff and what am I gonna do while Lovey works out anyway? Perhaps I’ll have something interesting to chat about tomorrow after I make it through class.

Alrighty then, about that video. today’s writing prompt was about having the ability to travel to any one point in time. It didn’t specify if you could only use this ability one time or indefinite times, so I’m going to go with you have this ability all the time. I think I want to see myself engaged in whatever it is I do to make a living. That’ll let me know if the current direction is the right direction and if all of our harebrained schemes came together.

So there you have it. See ya tomorrow.

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