Happy July!

Happy Half New Year! What’?!?! That’s not a thing? Of course it is. I just made it one.
Well, then, I’m certainly not going back to revisit my New Year’s resolutions to see how well I’m doing so far this year because we want to keep this positive today.

Positive things like how I was *this* close to passing my level in my pole class. If I would be a little more careful and not skip moves, I would have passed last night. It’s quite enjoyable to me that these levels are pushing me. They’re pushing me to slow my dance a touch and they’re pushing me to focus. They’re also pushing me to do moves that I usually wouldn’t. Mind, I’m not saying moves that I’m not ready for, just moves I don’t usually do. I mean, iguana mount has been in my repertoire, but I never used to sit up out of it. I was always scared of it until I did it the first time and found out that it isn’t so tough after all. Shoulder mount to brass monkey? Huh, no shit. Got it. And sitting up out of that brass monkey? I apparently have brass balls. Bow and arrow? Sure. Drop it to the floor? My feet, not my ass…it’s messy yet, but I can do it. I could possibly be scary if I trained. Well, and had better flexibility. These. Hips. Of. Miiiiiiiine. (That’s a Motown throwback for you young folks.)

On a totally different positive note, I am only a week and a half away from going back to where my love for Colorado started. Lovey and I are going to stock up on allergy meds and go walk the wildflowers of Crested Butte. We’re even staying at Elevations, aka Club Med Crested Butte. One might say that I’m super excited to go back. I mean, of course it would be doubly awesome if it were ski season, but I’m hoping to get up there this coming season. Ex-GO reunion anyone? Can’t wait to see what sort of changes they made around the hotel! And food. Secret Stash? Yes. Bloody Mary at The Last Steep? HELL TO THE YES! I might even walk up to the old apartments and take those 77 steps that we all used to dread. Man! The memories from Crested. So many fun people, so many fun guests. That’s where I met Jo Dee Messina and Trick Pony (for the country music folk). I re-met people I had met in other villages. I met people that I would meet again in other villages. Site of my third (I think) concussion. Wow, they’re just flooding in. Crested is the village that has no scars. I can’t say that nothing bad happened that season (concussion, hallway arguments, psycho boys), but all of the good certainly outweighed it. So, excited a bit? Yeah, maybe. J

Sidebar: Kick, Push by Lupe Fiasco. Go. Now. <3 Ok, this is 1 of 31. I feel good about making my goal of one post a day for July. It’s much more feasible than a post every day for a year. I mean, come on, life really gets in the way. Sometimes I don’t have anything to say. And as if I don’t have enough stuff going on in July, hey, let’s try to make it through Camp NaNoWriMo too. I really have to get this damn book out. I suppose I’m going to have to come to terms with my sworn enemy – the outline. Sorry, Mrs. C., I still can’t stand writing outlines. I’m much more of a stream of consciousness writer. BUT, an outline is needed because there’s so much that needs to happen in this one that I will probably get lost in it myself if I don’t do an outline. It’s a good one. Interesting story (I think) with gratuitous sex scenes. Would you expect anything less, really? What a complicated relationship between five people. YES! Well, that’s about it for today. Let’s meet up again tomorrow and chat. Same time, same place. See you then.  

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