Snowy Saturday Super Smashup Silliness!

Hey, Lukas, hope you’re doing well. Using your video here to demonstrate my fail today that we didn’t get on video.

Hi everybody else. So yeah, that video, that’s not me (kinda obviously), but that’s what I did today. No, not the cool part, but the part that starts around 9 seconds. I caught my front edge, slammed my shoulder into the ground, and subsequently bounced my head off of said ground….on the first run of the day. The helmet saved my gourd, but my shoulder was not so lucky. I’m pretty sure I fell on my acromion. Say what?!?!

AcromionSee those red places on the ole skeleton over there? Those are the acromion of the scapula. And that is where the bone is sore. Thanks, Wikipedia, for the cool gif. It links back to your page. I didn’t know what this bone was called. I didn’t even know that it was some separate bone (kinda) with a cool-sounding name. See? You really CAN learn something new every day!

Of course, the muscles around there are all sore now too. Probably the couple times I tried to heelslide a jump landing and jarred my shoulders when putting my hands down. I’m a snowboarding genius. I didn’t let those jumps get me down though! The speed with which I went over them might be classified as crawling, but I didn’t fall.

Well, I am, what the kids call exhausted. I’m sure I’ll be back tomorrow to discuss the details of your dreams. That last sentence was created by picking the next suggested word by the spell checker. See ya tomorrow.

Say What?