ROCO Friday – One Of Those Days

I swear, that might as well be called “The Period Song”.

Even though, yes, TGIF and it’s payday too (yay to the first full promotion paycheck!), it’s still starting out to be one of those days.

Tomorrow, we’re going to head up to Keystone to enjoy some of the nearly two feet of snow they’ve gotten in the last 48 hours. For this excursion, we’re up at 5am. Well, I nearly stroked out when I woke up in the middle of the night, bewildered, thinking we hadn’t set the alarm and we were way behind schedule, only to realize when I was halfway out of bed that it was only Friday. I don’t even know what time it was at that point. Probably like 3 in the morning. Who wakes from dead sleep like that? Oh yeah, I do. I once woke up yelling, “Chips and salsa to table 73!!” when I’d been doing too many shifts at Don Pablo’s, but there can’t possibly be such a thing as too much snowboarding. (Not a question…not even a rhetorical one.)

Finish up with that whole sleeping thing and get up and have coffee and breakfast (hooray for work from home Fridays!!) and set up my little office area and I call in to our morning meeting. After only hearing hold music for 5 minutes, I send an IM to someone else and ask if I dialed in to the wrong number to which she replied, “It’s not 8:30 yet.”  Yes, I was calling in a half an hour early. I mean, it isn’t as though I haven’t been dialing in to this meeting at the same time every day for almost a year and a half. Yes, TGIF cuz it’s one of those days.

Let’s talk about some positive things because it is, after all, Friday. It’s WFH Friday! I really appreciated that as I sat here in the kitchen with my coffee listening to my neighbors scrape their windshields.

Aaaaand, emergency, I’ve created a (work) disaster. It’s been fun. Have a great Friday!!


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