ROCO Friday – One Of Those Days

I swear, that might as well be called “The Period Song”.

Even though, yes, TGIF and it’s payday too (yay to the first full promotion paycheck!), it’s still starting out to be one of those days.

Tomorrow, we’re going to head up to Keystone to enjoy some of the nearly two feet of snow they’ve gotten in the last 48 hours. For this excursion, we’re up at 5am. Well, I nearly stroked out when I woke up in the middle of the night, bewildered, thinking we hadn’t set the alarm and we were way behind schedule, only to realize when I was halfway out of bed that it was only Friday. I don’t even know what time it was at that point. Probably like 3 in the morning. Who wakes from dead sleep like that? Oh yeah, I do. I once woke up yelling, “Chips and salsa to table 73!!” when I’d been doing too many shifts at Don Pablo’s, but there can’t possibly be such a thing as too much snowboarding. (Not a question…not even a rhetorical one.)

Finish up with that whole sleeping thing and get up and have coffee and breakfast (hooray for work from home Fridays!!) and set up my little office area and I call in to our morning meeting. After only hearing hold music for 5 minutes, I send an IM to someone else and ask if I dialed in to the wrong number to which she replied, “It’s not 8:30 yet.”  Yes, I was calling in a half an hour early. I mean, it isn’t as though I haven’t been dialing in to this meeting at the same time every day for almost a year and a half. Yes, TGIF cuz it’s one of those days.

Let’s talk about some positive things because it is, after all, Friday. It’s WFH Friday! I really appreciated that as I sat here in the kitchen with my coffee listening to my neighbors scrape their windshields.

Aaaaand, emergency, I’ve created a (work) disaster. It’s been fun. Have a great Friday!!


Off Schedule

Yep, when I’m posting blogs after 8 in the evening, I’m way off schedule. I was a considerable fail this morning as far as writing in the blog although I did catch up on writing for the lab and paying bills. So, I’m actually gonna retract that fail and call it a win. Because I’m good enough; I’m smart enough; and gosh darn it, people like me!

It’s pretty crazy that I live in Colorado, we get 3 inches of snow, and everyone drives like they just got here from Hawaii. I saw one person completely lost their sh!t in the sharpest corner in the area. Cops and a tow truck for you! Some folks driving way too fast, some way too slow. But no hassles for the brown bomber…either one of us.

Speaking of Colorado, and Denver in particular, they are all about their Broncos here! Granted, they don’t really have the fervor that Steelers fans have all year round, but it’s a good showing for them. Since Peyton’s certainly gonna win it, I wonder if he’ll go back-to-back and then call it or try one more time and hope for the double. You know how I love a conspiracy theory.

A mere 200 words before I’m tapped out. That’s kinda sad. However, while these posts are shrinking, I think my writing lab ones are growing within their confines.  I’m ok with that. So ok that I’m gonna call it a night and maybe I’ll have some super nutty dream to tell you about in the morning. G’night.

ROCO Friday – Snow Makes Me Wet

Now before you go getting all up in arms about that title, know that it’s from a bumper sticker from Silverton Mountain here in Colorado. Also happens when I fall down in it or I’m making snow angels or a snowman, or possibly having a snowball fight. Unfortunately, it also makes me nervous AF when it’s on the roads and I’m scheduled to go to the mountains and there are 60 mph wind gusts. ABS/AWD/anti-skid take the wheel! T minus 9 hours till go time.

As Friday is now the official (and only) work from home day, first and foremost, ROCO! Secondly, I chose to not get up at 5 today and rather get up at 6. Not my brightest idea. I’m completely off schedule now. Late blog post, late breakfast, but I did manage to be logged in and ready for work on time. Let’s go with positive items: I can take care of the laundry while I’m working; I can shower in the total peace and quiet of my empty house (and think I hear people in the house while I’m in there); I can wear my comfy clothes – or nothing at all – for work; No listening to people coughing/sneezing/bringing up phlegm all day! Yeah, that last one is gross, but it’s painfully true. We do get time off folks, keep that at home!

Last night, we took my brother to pick up his wheels. After we got home, we were doing our usual evening stuff when the phone starts ringing. At 8:45. First of all, we don’t answer our house phone unless we are specifically expecting a call. Why? Because 99% of the time it is either solicitors or bill collectors trying to find someone that doesn’t live here. Playing games with those people got old so we just stopped answering. This caller left a message. Funny, it was a recruiter. That’s pretty late for a recruiter (who was in Colorado). Anywho, I’m going to need to update my info so they stop calling. I’m off the market (for at least a year). Sorry, too slow.

Obviously, I got a raise with this promotion – because who gets a promotion without a raise?- but I’m still Sergeant Stingy with that cash. I’m trying to pay off bills and all, but at the same time, still letting myself have some fun. That means I get to buy a couple things here and there. Prepare to giggle. But first let me preface this with I did, just a few weeks ago, get a new snowboard. A demo, so on the cheap,but still a decent ticket item. Other than that, my list of things to buy,probably in this order, is:

  • A day planner. I am getting this today. I am now pseudo-important and I need to write every single thing down so that I don’t forget any of them and later look like a tool.
  • New sneakers. I’ve been rocking out these Nikes for longer than I will mention and embarrass myself. Not to mention that this morning during the cardio + weights workout, I rolled my ankle a bit because there’s no damn support left in them. Please buy shoes before you hurt yourself. Thank you.
  • A yoga chair. Since I have to be in the office 4 days a week now, and I’m trying to work on my flexibility and such, I cannot continue to sit in a crappy office chair. Office chairs shorten my muscles or something. And then, when I need to get up from my desk, every time it’s like watching evolution. I start hunched over and I gradually get to full and upright walking human. When I’m at home, I sit on my stability ball so I don’t have this issue. Probably need a bicycle lock too for attaching said chair to desk so it doesn’t “disappear”.

Just little things. I do still have a car payment and a student loan payment to take care of, after all.

Well, my flock, go forward and ROCO on this wonderful Friday. Have a great weekend and be safe. Tomorrow we can talk about the awesome snowboarding that I did. Maybe even with a video! ROCO!

Two Day Recap

It must be nice to be a meteorologist. They’re constantly wrong and yet they never seem to get called on it. Of course I understand that weather isn’t an exact science. That doesn’t change the fact that, when I go to bed expecting to wake up to a dusting of snow and I get up and there are a couple inches and it’s still coming down, I’m not a happy camper. Should be a fun drive in to work.

As suspected, the first day was all orientation.  Wow.  Long day. Parts of it were cool, like learning about the history of the city, but going over benefits and such, ugh. I had read all of that stuff a zillion times before I ever even got in the building. We did, however, have some good laughs at our table and the guys at the table were all pretty cool. I met a guy that has five Emmy’s. Oh yeah, and the coffee dude hit on me. I asked if they took credit cards. He said nope, only cash. Or jewelry. Or phone numbers. Ha! Nice try. Meh, I still got it. 🙂

Yesterday was a bit more eventful. I got sworn in (yep, seriously, with a judge and everything). I got my magic badge (with a picture that doesn’t suck!) to open up many doors in several buildings. Met a bunch of people, now I just have to attempt to remember their names. Got settled in my new space although I really need to personalize it. Started looking into a new program to use for work. Learned that I might be using a lot of SQL. Found a possible perk that I wasn’t expecting (but that’s for several months down the road yet). All in all, great day. AND I made it home in record time yesterday…or record out of the two days I’ve gone to town.

So far, no complaints. People are nice. Everyone is helpful. The commute doesn’t totally suck (thanks BV-Pittsburgh for numbing the pain well in advance). Haven’t been bored yet, probably won’t ever be. Scheduling is still flexible. Casual Friday, WHAT?!?! Yep, life is good.

A posting isn’t complete if I don’t mention something about pole. The Sweet Emotion choreography went surprisingly well. I think that I may be getting better at choreography on the fly, so maybe I’ll figure out how to freestyle soon. Weeeeee!

Off to brave the snow! Have a fantastic Thursday!

Things on Tuesday – The Winter Weather Advisory Edition

Sometimes, or make the most of the time, I need a writing prompt.  Back in the Vox days, we had plenty of them.  Questions of the day and such.  Things on Tuesday was one of them so I figured it was high time to bring it back.  It’s a positives and negatives kind of thing because, no matter how much positive juju we exude, the reality is that there will always be a little negativity.  It’s what we do with the negativity that matters.  I like to throw it against the wall and watch it shatter into pieces like a beer bottle against railroad tracks, but that’s neither here nor there.  So without further ado:

Forgot to put my wipers up, forgot my scraper, and my battery is dead:

  • SNOW?!?!  It’s just October and it’s going to snow tonight, or so they say.  Since meteorology is such an exact science (insert eye roll here), they’re just saying it’s going to snow.  Could be 2 inches, could be six, could be a foot.  Who knows.
  • Cash in hand that’s now in someone else’s hand.  Almost two bones to “winterize” the car and not a moment too soon.
  • Owwww.  That’s what my side says right above my right hip.  Damn you, leg hangs.
Car turns right over and my scraper has a mitt to keep my hand warm and dry:
  • SNOW!!!!  I don’t care about driving in it; I’m a country girl.  Power slide into the driveway?  Yep.  That means it’s just that much closer to a snowboarding trip.
  • The car didn’t need any major repairs.  Yet.  I’m thinking it’ll last through this winter and then I can deal with perhaps riding my bike to work.
  • Abs/obliques.  I can see them.  I can also feel them.  They hurt.  I have a waist again.  Thanks, LA Boxing.
  • Pole mania.  I shall continue to conquer moves.  I’m really a fan of the extended butterfly right now.  Perhaps I’ll try building up more strength.  Enough to, gasp, Iron X.  Aim high!
  • I have my tickets.  To the gun show.  Bwahahahaha, hi Cotto!
  • October goals.  Goes in good over bad.  Traded P90X for boxing since I’m still paying for boxing.  The outline is still being put off.  I am so damn close to that split.  I think I may have felt my front leg touch the ground on Saturday.
  • Work.  It’s good.  One day in the near future, I may tell you how good it is.
  • Recruiting.  I do this constantly.  I think I have someone else heading to the studio soon.  Weeeeeeeee!
  • Speaking of the studio, yay for teaching on Wednesdays next month!  Get your level 2 game on and come to class with me!
  • Leg warmers and cute booty shorts.  Got a hookup.  Who’ll be the cutest pole dancer in Colorado?  Oh, hai, that’ll be me.
  • Goodbye iPhone.  No thanks, HTC.  I love my Samsung.  Didn’t think I’d be saying that, but I am.
  • THE RAVENS LOST TO THE JAGUARS!  Woot!  Steelers in first place in the division and all is right with the world.
And time is up.  Have a great day folks!