ROCO Friday – The Return of the Reverend

Disclaimer: Search the blog for the tag ROCO Friday to understand that this is tongue-in-cheek before getting offended.

Let the congregation say, ROCO!

My congregation, my flock, the good Reverend has taken her message to the west.  Since doing so, I’ve felt the need to change my name.  Much like many of the things you already know, I’m the same great product in some new packaging.  The Reverend SteelerShyner welcomes you to her church of the Rockies.  Let the congregation say, ROCO!

It isn’t a ROCO Friday without some music for the congregation.  Let us rejoice along with Mr. Kemp as it is Friday and I just got paid.

It’s a beautiful day out there. The mountains are just starting to get a little snow on their peaks and the early sun turns everything quite an awesome shade of red/pink/purple. The Reverend is home.

Now, my good people, go forth and spread the good word of love, nature, and pole dancing. Your good Reverend will see you back here next week. Until then…..ROCO!

Say What?