Going strong

I was just wondering if someone out there might do me a solid and add a couple more hours to the day.  In return, I promise to put them towards reaching my October goals.  I swear that I won’t use them for sleeping, Facebook, or Twitter.  Only for reading, stretching, or choreographing a class, be it Zumba or pole.  I’ll be waiting.  You can reply here.

It’s a good thing that I love my job because it gets crazier by the moment.  Yesterday, in combination with four meetings, I started training my replacement. Apparently, it wasn’t widely known that she was starting today.  Umm, oops?  I don’t think that it’s my responsibility to make those sorts of announcements.  Which is why I didn’t.  Surprise!

There are some other things in the works regarding the goings on at work, but they aren’t definite just yet.  Let’s just say that I may have more than originally thought, sooner than originally planned.  At least they like to keep me busy and they respect my fresh.  Any time that I have even an inkling of disappointment or disgust, I just remember where I was a mere two years ago and that makes me overwhelmingly happy to have what I have now as opposed to the nightmare I had then.  Pass the peanut butter.

About those October goals…..P90X is still going swimmingly (I just wanted to use that word).  Into week 2 now and feeling good.  I won’t lie, I was extremely sore over the weekend. Between doing legs and then a gazillion pull-ups, I was walking around looking like, oh, um, Frankenstein.  Oddly enough, the only thing that fixed me was getting back to the exercise on Monday.  (I know there’s scientific reason behind this, tyvm have a cookie.)

Day 4 of the month and I’m tackling 1/4 of my pole teaching goal.  I revamped my class structure to make it a little more up-tempo and a little bit more difficult in the stretching and conditioning.  “This is Level 2, people.  Come on!” ~ that’s my Tony Horton impression.  Since I’m poling today, I’ll get one of my stretch days in today.  I’d like to get a class in as well, where I do work on my skills, but that may not be in the cards for today.  I do still have to put together a playlist.  We’re either going 80s Hip-Hop and R&B or Hair Metal.  Bwahahahaha, my musical tastes are ridiculous.

Reading is going slowly because one of the books is just a difficult read. The writer writes like I do…too many damn words to say things.  At least I’m not as repetitive as she is though. I hope.  I will still finish the both before the end of the month.

Zumba, I hope to work on you this weekend.  But there’s housecleaning and yard work to be done also.  Why is it again that I can’t clone myself?

Alas, my time has run out for this brain dump.  Until later….

Say What?