4/30 – The Great Anticipation

Well kids, do you really expect me to post anything coherent here?  I've got about 3 or 4 websites open, torturing myself, plus the television on watching the coverage.  I'm sure that there is no way I would sleep, possibly not even with an Ambien at this point.

Someone said sticker envy?

That beauty is a full THREE INCHES in diameter!

I love that sticker.

In watching all this madness, it makes me happy to see that Pennsylvania is probably going to go to Obama.  Florida probably too.

Seriously though, I got nothing.  I'm burnt.  All I can say is that I hope to get some sleep tonight and I hope to be extremely happy tomorrow.

Peace, love and hair grease my peoples.

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  • I'm still wearing my Obama sticker…it's not huge but it still brought me dirty looks from the rednecks in the grocery store.I just checked our city's numbers (We're in Virginia) and we went McCain..mostly because of all the assholes.

  • They weren't even giving out any "I voted" stickers where I went. pah.

  • so you couldn't get your free coffee, donut, lunch, sandwich, and ice cream?wait… the ice cream didn't require a sticker. and i heard that someone raised a fuss so starbucks wasn't requiring it either.

  • Did Fox News just give up and quit updating?

  • I read that Chik fil a quit doing it because technically it's illegal to give any compensation for voting (like people voted only to get a sammich or coffee)

  • I heard that StarFuck's ended up giving free coffee to anyone who asked for it.I still want my Babeland vibrator – I can't believe I didn't hear about that till last night!!

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