3/30 – On the eve of history

There are not many things about which I am highly emotional.  I cried at the passing of my father, my grandparents, my favorite uncle.  On a rare occasion, I will become so angry that I cry.  Today, I cry for a woman that I never met, never knew.  Madelyn Dunham, who fought the good fight, who tried to beat the monster, at least long enough to see her grandson take the ultimate step and make history.  For her, I cry.  I cry her tears of pride to see Barack Obama go so far.  I cry a nation's tears of hope for a better tomorrow.  I cry my grandmother's tears of joy to see a Black man nearly ready to step into the White House when she lived through times when she could not vote as a woman, nor as a African American.  I cry my daughter's tears, who, with the grace of God, has many more years on this planet where, while there are so many good people, there are still so many bad.  I cry my own tears of anticipation, of joy, of love for a man I have never met but has the promise of so much.


The world is waiting for you, President Obama.  It is waiting for you to once again make the United States a shining beacon in rough seas.  The world stage awaits you with open arms as they are ready for change as well.

Hope is not just a catchphrase.

If you read this blog, if you know me at all, you will know that this evening my beloved, the Pittsbugh Steelers are playing the Washington Redskins.  I bleed black and gold.  Always.

But tonight, an interesting fact has been presented.  When the Washington Redskins play at home the night before an election and lose, the candidate that won the popular vote lost the election.  17 of 17 times.  So, because I have hope, because I want need change, I will unwillingly root for these Redskins because football is but a game and there will be another next week, but this vote, this Presidency could be a once in a lifetime thing for many and there is no opportunity next week to redeem itself next week.


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6 thoughts on “3/30 – On the eve of history

  1. It truly is heartbreaking that she passed away before the election. Her spirit and memories will carry the family through.I had read that fact about the Redskins quite a while back but had forgotten – thanks for the reminder, and here's to the end of a tradition.

  2. I've never heard about the Redskins thing (which is weird since I live in Virginia) but I just looked and am thrilled to see that they had their asses handed to them on a platter last night. GO OBAMA!

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