14/30 – ROCO Friday

Typically I would do this sort of thing a little earlier in the day, but you know how I do.

It's the weekend, ya'll, so I hope you truly do ROCO.  All I can say is that mine started out fantabulous.  How much better can it be when you start out with a University roll (salmon and avocado), follow it with Steak Kushiyaki (grilled steak on a stick), make a total pig of yourself with Pork Gyoza, and then and only then, finish it off with Chicken Pad Thai.

Let the congregation say, ROCO!

I swear to you, in front of Vox and the world, that I would eat sushi every single day of my life and more than likely never get tired of it.  You know, if it weren't for the probable mercury levels and the sodium in the edamame that I love so much.

(the typos I just had to fix were something horrendous)

I'm just procrastinating now.  I have two papers that I have to write before Sunday.  All the stuff is right there in my head but it doesn't want to come out.  I thought that writing here might help.  Not so much.

I guess I'll go back to watching Solo Boxeo Tecate and trying to push out one of these papers.

You know what I'm about.  ROCO.

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3 responses to “14/30 – ROCO Friday”

  1. Well, I was gonna ROCO at Miss Kitty's but was just too damn tired for the commute, so I'm rockin' it at home.. alone… which I guess doesn't really count as rockin.What the heck is Solo Boxeo Tecate (solo boxing?). Did you get either (or both) of your papers out?Your dinner sounds like fun. But you can have my share of the sushi (ick!) but I'll take the rest… esp those salty edamame!

  2. … wish just reminded me of this local restaurant… really good, changes the menu quarterly… india/asian fusion. REALLY good. anyhoo… they have edamame on the menu. but the serve it (in pod) with dipping sauces. i guess you're supposed to dip the whole pod and suck out the beans but I squeeze out the beans so the dipping sauce just strikes me as TOTALLY RETARDED./random_flashback

  3. Everyone has their own definition of ROCO, alone, in a group, whatever. It's ROCO if you say it is. 🙂
    SBT is a boxing show that's on every Friday night on one of the Spanish channels. One of our weekly rituals. I'm even getting to the point that I can understand some of the commentary. (Lovey, of course, understands it all, and Kiddo understands more than me)
    Nope, didn't get the paper done. I have to work on that today.
    No SUSHI?!?! I'll take it all! But no eel cuz that's some nasty ass shit.
    I've never squeezed the beans out with my hands. The first time I ever had edamame they told me to squeeze em out with my teeth so that's the way I've always done it. I like them pure, just salt, so I don't know how I feel about dipping sauce.

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