14/30 – ROCO Friday

Typically I would do this sort of thing a little earlier in the day, but you know how I do.

It's the weekend, ya'll, so I hope you truly do ROCO.  All I can say is that mine started out fantabulous.  How much better can it be when you start out with a University roll (salmon and avocado), follow it with Steak Kushiyaki (grilled steak on a stick), make a total pig of yourself with Pork Gyoza, and then and only then, finish it off with Chicken Pad Thai.

Let the congregation say, ROCO!

I swear to you, in front of Vox and the world, that I would eat sushi every single day of my life and more than likely never get tired of it.  You know, if it weren't for the probable mercury levels and the sodium in the edamame that I love so much.

(the typos I just had to fix were something horrendous)

I'm just procrastinating now.  I have two papers that I have to write before Sunday.  All the stuff is right there in my head but it doesn't want to come out.  I thought that writing here might help.  Not so much.

I guess I'll go back to watching Solo Boxeo Tecate and trying to push out one of these papers.

You know what I'm about.  ROCO.

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