Things on Tuesday – Four-two-nine-ly

I am so lax in my Voxing these days.  Such a shame.  Anyways….here we go.

On today's GAG ME WITH A SPOON list:

  • Airlines – why can't we all get on the same flight and not pay an arm and a leg?!?!
  • My lack of focus
  • Overcast days
  • Difficulty finding things I'm looking for
  • Looking crappy in pictures
  • Uh, that's it

On today's BITCHIN! list:

  • No more IB!
  • Art and Finance are gonna be cake

  • Zumba cardio party
  • Mom's cool with a toga wedding (she's just excited that there will be a wedding)
  • The dermatologist will fight with my insurance company so I don't have to
  • Rumors of a usable second bathroom in our house
  • My new watch…pictured over there ————————————————————->
  • Everything circus, as always
  • Starting my stretching regimen to go along with working out
  • Hopefully doing a good deed for my neighbor
  • Hair's finally getting longer


  • Baseball game on Friday, GO FISH!
  • I'm back on the pole in 13 days
  • Mini-vacation (not mine) in 9 days
  • Kiddo to camp in 53 days
  • Chillin in the Keys in 73 days
  • Park City in, oh, a bunch of days…somehow I don't have that countdown
  • Gradumatation in less than two that's far
  • Toga wedding in two years-ish

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3 thoughts on “Things on Tuesday – Four-two-nine-ly

  1. I'm actually kinda excited about it. It's still far off but I have to start thinking about it and looking for little stuff and sending out invites a year early so folks can plan ahead if they wish to attend.

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