ROCO Friday – 80s style

That's right boys and girls, it's Friday, so get out your mousse and blow dryers.  Stock up on hairspray.  Reach back into the closet and find some of these:



Then lean back and crank up the tunes, cuz it's a ROCO kinda day!



Now, could someone please tell me where the heck April went?!?!  Mind you, I am not complaining because every day we're closer to Kiddo going to camp, Keys vacation, Park City, graduation, or moving out of Miami makes me happy.  I just wonder where it went.

I've decided, after thinking long and hard, that I am going to make this one of my last Vox posts.  It really takes up too much of my time and energy that could be better spent elsewhere.

SIKE! (or PSYCHE! depending on where you're from)

I'm already at a minimum level of posting and I'm still not getting anything done, so I'll just keep this little outlet.

Good week overall, I must say.  Coming down the home stretch of IB and actually looking forward to Art Appreciation and Personal Finance, but mainly because they'll be cake classes.

It's 1pm and I still haven't finished posting this yet.  What a shame.

Oh, cool thing: A while back during pole lessons, my teacher was super cool.  I wanted to get her contact info but I dropped the ball.  Well, I'm going back to pole class and found her on facebook and, hey, we used to work in the same place!  Not at the same time, but still.  Oh yeah, and today is her birthday, so…

Happy Birthday MM!

Okay, it's all I've got for now.  I know this post has been lacking in ROCO's, but please, do the world a favor and ROCO today like it's gonna fall off tomorrow.  Peace, love and hair grease folks.  HEP!

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