Things on Tuesday – 3/4 edition

At 9:22am, things have already been rather odd today.

Things I loathe:

  • Having three nights of weird dreams every time we change something on the bed
  • The dream on the third night being so disturbing that I woke up crying
  • Bashing my knee while getting in the shower
  • Nearly falling down the stairs head first
  • The office smells like mildew
  • Only having a stuffy nose when I'm in the office
  • Manicurists that do a bad job
  • Only being treated like a part of the team when it's convenient

Things I love:

  • My new Crunch Pilates/Yoga video (thanks to trappedinthemindofinvsiblegirl for the inspiration)
  • Being able to lend a helping hand when it's needed
  • Opportunities when I can find them

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4 responses to “Things on Tuesday – 3/4 edition”

  1. Yeah, I hope that was the last one since they come in threes.
    Um, it's filthy in there but we just get tired of complaining when no one listens. I went home. Bought a new vaccuum cleaner since it's shopping without guilt. Now I'm gonna use my angry energy to clean the house.

  2. Is there a link somewhere for this Crunch pilates yoga thing? It sounds like it could be very enjoyable and work my ass off at the same time.

  3. This should work. If not, go to and search for Crunch yoga, pilates and it should come right up. I did it for the first time this morning and the 40 minutes flew by like nothing. I even broke a sweat which I wasn't expecting to.

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