Today's library offerings

I have always been a book lover.  I knew there was a library here on the beach, but man, it's a LIBRARY!  Seeing as how it's almost the first of the month (go get your welfare…so cash your checks and come on) and February holds big plans for the 1230, I think I should get my mind right as well as my body.  Here's what I got:


After a long day at work and 2 hours of stories about what happened in middle school today, I think that this little gem will come in handy.  Or at least I hope it does something to calm my mind and possibly end the nightmares.



There's a path that I want to follow and meditation is a part of it.  There are other aspects as well that I may divulge at a later date.



Meditation is not just the mind, it's the whole body so sayeth the book.  I really have to do the whole out with the bad in with the good thing. Soon.




And finally, this is the month's last step.  I just decided that four books a month is good.  I'll read them and possibly post little reviews of them.  I'm currently in the train of thought that if I only eat a little, I don't have to exercise.  Healthy?  Probably not.  So I'm going to try pilates in the morning instead of sitting in front of the computer to check websites that are blocked at work.  Here's to a more fit me.

And here's to you Mrs. Robinson.

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