Park City – Day Two (aka TSA sucks)

Umm, this is probably TMI but it's painfully true.

Another early morning for us in getting up, eating and getting ready for our lessons.  Some super put-off unpacking revealed that the TSA removed an item from one piece of my luggage.  Those motherfuckers stole my brand new glass dildo.  I didn't even get to use the freaking thing yet!  So, of course I penned them a nasty-gram that wasn't nearly as nasty as it could have been but I'm just too tired (awesome snowboard lessons!) to be any meaner.

On the morning of Friday, January 4, 2008, I checked several pieces of luggage at Fort Lauderdale airport.  I flew from FLL to DEN to SLC (luggage tag blah blah blah). 

Upon arrival at our destination, I unpacked my luggage and was disappointed to find that an item had been removed from my luggage.  Please be aware that in this same suitcase was a grooming kit containing sharp objects, along with many other items that I may have understood had they been removed. 

Unfortunately, the only reason that I can come up with for the item being removed is the TSA agent who checked my bag has some sort of moral issue.  I know that this suitcase was checked as it had an orange TSA checked sticker.

The item in question was a glass dildo.  Being completely smooth, not a sharp edge to be seen, and encased in a red velvet bag, it would seem to me that the purpose of said item was obvious, and in my eyes, there was no reason to remove this object.  I consider this to be theft.  I am very disappointed in the removal of my personal property and would like, at least, an apology, if not reimbursement for the item in question.

Please feel free to contact me at this email address with your response.



Now I hate the airport even more and I'm out $30 and we lost a really fun toy.  Damn you Fort Lauderdale TSA!!

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0 thoughts on “Park City – Day Two (aka TSA sucks)

  1. dude – that's totally f**ked up.i knew that the TSA took things like Cadbury's chocolate from your bag, but a dildo? i'm guessing that said thief is using it right now.sorry.

  2. That is so gross. Who steals someone's dildo? Seriously? You know they're using it, or with their moral issues, will bring it to church to chastise. Yich! I truly believe the TSA agents are a bunch of idiotic rent-a-cops. I don't feel any safer with them. Too many of them stealing and missing dangerous objects that time and again people have passed through.

  3. wait. uhm. okay. while it sucks that it got stolen… who steals someone else's dildo?! i mean, come on! you don't know if it's been used or what! (i mean, i know it can be cleaned) but STILL!maybe they thought you'd be too embarrassed to write in about it. hehe… anyway, they'd better send you a $30 check. or a new dildo 😛

  4. So the TSA sent me an email with all these complicated things I have to do to "officially" make a report about something being taken from my luggage. Dude, whatever. It's not worth my time and I can just get another one anyways. 2008 is about looking forward and not piddling with stupid crap for me. I like to get new stuff in the mail anyways. 🙂

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