Park City Day One

Whew!  What a trip!  Last night we left work early to pick Kiddo up from the airport then checked into the hotel.  A quick dinner at TGI Friday's and then off to bed because we had to get up at 4(!) am to get on over to the airport.  Fortunately, we were about five minutes ahead of the rush and got checked in easily.  Our plane took off without a hitch and up in the air we were for about 4 hours, going from Fort Lauderdale to Denver.  On time arrival meant we could check out DIA for a second, grab some food, and get back on the plane to Salt Lake City.

Unfortunately, the two gentlemen in front of us chose today not to shower or use deodorant or anything.  Complete yuck.  Every once in a while their "aroma" would drift back and slap us all in the face.  Fortunately, this flight was less than 90 minutes.

All of the luggage arrived thankfully and with one quick phone call our chariot arrived to bring us to our home for the next week.  (Hahahaha, I just realized that it's already after 11 at home.)  It's really pretty here.  We have our own personal jacuzzi.  We scooped up a 3 bedroom, 3 bath condo within walking distance to the slopes.

I didn't want to clog everything up here, so today's photos are here:

I'll keep you all posted on all the happs.  Tomorrow I learn to shred a little better.  Peace out ya'll!

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