Park City Day Three – Injuries

Yeah, it was bound to happen.  Don't worry, it isn't anything MAJOR major.  We (and I mean everyone else in the party) had the typical bumps and bruises like sore bums and sore wrists from fall-breaking, although they'd been warned not to do that.  Lovey has a minor knee twist but the overall worst is Kiddo.  During her snowboard lesson yesterday, she took a spill and hit her head.  Fortunately, she was wearing a helmet.

This morning she woke up and was complaining of a rather nasty headache.  I couldn't decide if I should chalk it up to altitude sickness as she's really dehydrated and refuses to drink water, or if it was because she hit her head.  So I gave her two aspirin, and my bad, she hadn't yet eaten breakfast, so right back that all came.  I got her somewhat rehydrated but she was in no condition to do much of anything.  She just wanted to sleep, and bad mother that I am, I let her.

I went to the grocery store and got her some Pedialyte for rehydration and some Crystal Light iced tea so she would actually drink the water.  She managed to keep one piece of toast down but just wanted to sleep more.  She wanted to sleep more but I told her that she had to stay up for a while.  During that while, I called the local clinic and described the situation.  They said that it sounded like she has a mild concussion but to just keep her hydrated in case it was the start of something else, like a stomach bug or something.  They said it was okay for her to go back to sleep but to check on her in a few hours.  If her head still hurts tomorrow, it's off to the clinic in person for a little checkup.

I know that it's not too bad because she hit her head in the same place that I hit mine and in the same manner a few years back except I wasn't wearing a helmet.  She's exhibiting the same symptoms that I had, although I never lost my cookies.  I'm sure that she'll be fine come tomorrow.  I'll really have to watch her because she's super excited to be here and wants to get back out on the mountain ASAP, but I'll have to make sure she didn't scramble her eggs first.

We haven't gotten many pictures because it's been snowing SO FREAKING hard!!  I did take a couple outside of the condo and tried to stitch some together from the base of the mountain and made them my banner.  And then there's a picture of me and Lovey although I am not visible.  Man, it's cold up here!




More action tomorrow!

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