Vox Hunt: This Album Is All Good

Audio: Share an album in your collection that's a classic from the first to the last cut (no need to use the skip button).  Submitted by Cortadito

I'm sure this won't ring true for everyone, but this isn't about everyone, it's about me.  In my sophmore year of high school is when I really started getting into, what was then, the rock scene.  I was never any good at being "black".   I couldn't dance or sing or any of the other stereotypical things black folks should be able to do.  Could've come from living in tiny, suburban, white-bread America.  Anywho, I loved me some rock and roll.  I give full credit to Brian Lemley, wherever he is, for intoducing me to one of my all time favorites:

Back then, all the boys could keep their drug issues in check and produce the hits.  The album is a great energy builder, although it could be the energy of all of your cells trying to escape your body.  Great for working out and actually pretty good for relieving stress if you just let yourself scream along with Axl and the guitars.  I find that these meds are best delivered to your body and mind if taken with a beer.

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