QotD: [this is home]

Where do you consider home?  Is it the place you grew up; the place you're currently living?  Why is it home?
Submitted by uncagedbird

Funny that you should ask this QotD.  I've had this arguement with many people whilst living in different places.  When I lived in New York for two years, I never called it home.  Don't get me wrong, I loved NY (minus the reason I moved there), but it was never home.  I've now lived in Miami for going on three years and it is also not home.

Home is, was, and will always be at 245 Van Meter Road, Belle Vernon, PA, no matter who lives there now.  As long as that house stands, it will be home.  It's home because that's where I grew up.  It's home because I got to watch that house get built from the ground up.  It's home because that's where all my childhood memories are, the good and the bad.  It's home because that house, that yard, and that neighborhood are all a part of who I am today.  It's home because it's the only place where I've had my own space.  It's home because that's where my heart is.

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