Should have been hers (but the girl's got issues) pt. 3

Eventually, I will put all of this together.  In the meantime, here is part one.

Here is part two.

And now, on with the story.

Dannie was more tired than she gave herself credit for since the next thing she remembered was waking up in a strange place under something heavy.  She looked around and tried to clear the fog from her head.  Ceiling.  Window.  Bed.  Four-post.  Holy crap!  I'm in Steve's bed!

The heavy thing that she was under was actually more than one thing: Steve's arm and leg.  Had they slept cuddled like this all night?  Seems impossible as Dannie just isn't the snuggling type.  The urge to relieve the pressure on her bladder struck Dannie just as hard as the realization of where she was.  She started trying to scoot out from under Steve as not to wake him, but the further she scooted away, the more he held on.

Dannie wondered if reverse psychology worked on the sleeping.  She stopped moving around to see if that would loosen his grip.  If it didn't work soon, she'd just have to power her way out because if she didn't get out of his bed soon, she was sure that she'd never be invited back.  Giving up all attempts at subtlety, Dannie slid out of the bed and into the bathroom.

After taking care of business, Dannie checked herself out in the mirror.  Her hair wasn't too badly mussed, a product of sleeping like the dead.  A few pillow lines on the face here and there, but nothing that should scare Steve to death when he wakes up and sees her there.  For lack of a toothbrush, she rinsed her mouth out and headed back to bed.

All of Dannie's efforts were for naught.  Steve woke up when she went to prevent her bladder from exploding.  When Dannie slid back into the bed, Steve was holding his arms out for her.  With no other thoughts other than going back to sleep, she cozied up in Steve's arms, letting his warmth and the faint smell of last night's cologne envelope her.


When Dannie woke again, she was alone.  She looked around the bedroom, no Steve.  The bathroom door was open and the smell of soap wafted out and tickled her nose.  Curiosity got the best of her and she ventured out into the living room.  Empty.  Now she was starting to get a little concerned.  She meekly called out Steve's name and in reply heard nothing but the chirping of the birds outside.  Completely at a loss for what to do next, Dannie decided to get dressed and head out as she did have to work later on.  She went back into the bedroom to find her pile of clothes and was stunned by what she found.  Her clothes and shoes were right where she left them, but on top of them sat a key and a note.


I had to go in for the mid shift.  You were sleeping so well; I didn't want to wake you.  Take your time, hang out if you like, just use this key to lock up when you leave.  I'll still be at work when you get there.  See you soon.


This was just too crazy for words.  First of all, Dannie knows that she isn't that deep of a sleeper, especially in someone else's bed.  Secondly, even though it won't happen, how in the world does Steve know that she won't ransack the place and take off?  At the very least, snoop through his stuff?  It turns out that Steve knows Dannie better than Dannie knows herself.  Not quite comfortable being alone in Steve's house, Dannie quickly gathers her things, makes the bed and vacates the premises.  The less time she's there, the less time there is for something to go wrong.

As Dannie drives home, she replays the events of the last 24 or so hours in her head.  It was one thing for him to invite her over, that's innocent enough, but for a friend to "coincidentally" drop by who seems to know a lot about her, and then for him to leave her in his house?  Tread lightly, she told herself.  Don't look into things.  Take this slow.

Taking things slow was easier said than done.  There would be the constant questioning from Jen and Lori, sideways looks from some of the other females that worked there, the growing attraction between Dannie and Steve, and there was a nagging voice in the back of Dannie's head urging her to keep her distance.  The first she tried to answer as vaguely as possible, the second she ignored, the third became a focus and the last, the last never went away, it just started losing its voice.

Later that day, Dannie found a discreet way to return Steve's key to him.  He asked if she had found everything she needed and she replied that she didn't need anything so there was nothing to find.  At this, Steve smiled the smile that makes knees weak and told her that she was welcome over any time.  He also chose this moment to tell her about a band that he was going to see.  He thought that she would enjoy them also and asked if she wanted to go.  The little voice, hoarse now, tried to tell her not to go, but her heart and mouth said yes before they ever even thought it out. 

They planned it all out and things magically fell into place, almost like Steve had written their schedules.  The band played on Saturday night, both Dannie and Steve would finish work by 9 and both had Sunday off.  The fates had allowed, just this once, planetary alignment for these two and left the rest to their good buddy chance.

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