A little courtesy please

Look vendor from work, salesperson, bill collector, even co-worker.

I realize that my name is a little out of the ordinary.  No, really I do, I've lived with it for 33 years and have yet to meet face-to-face a person that shares my name.  I've gotten used to the mispronunciations and I'm okay with that.  I can let that pass.

Please, please, please, if I leave you a voicemail in which I clearly spell out my name for you and repeat it twice, which I always do, please be kind enough to spell my name correctly when you contact me.  And if I email you?  How much effort does it really take to perhaps cut and paste or click ignore when your email gets spell checked?

Hey Bob, Sue, Bill and Mary, I spell your name right.  Take a minute to get mine right when I've handed you all the tools to do so.

Sorry, that's my rant.

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