Should have been hers

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Part Two

Saturday was sneaky as Saturdays usually are.  It took forever to get there and it got there in the blink of an eye at the same time.  Dannie had carefully planned both what she would wear to work that day and what she would wear out that night.  She tried to go with cute but comfortable, and as she would find out later, it was a good thing that she did.


As the day dragged on, all Dannie could think about was the upcoming evening.  She and Steve hadn’t yet worked out the logistics of getting there; Dannie had just assumed that they would leave from work in their respective cars.  The perma-grin that was attached to Dannie’s face was a dead giveaway that something was up in her world.


“You’re awfully chipper today, “Lori observed.


“Well, yeah.  It’s Saturday and I have a date, I think.”


“What?!?!” Lori squealed.  “Were you even going to tell us?”


“Probably not,” Dannie said as she stuck out her tongue and walked away.


Chuckling to herself, Dannie’s perma-grin changed to an evil smirk without her knowing it.  As she walked towards the stairs, she saw Steve coming down.


“Hey, Dannie.”


“Hi Steve.”


“Listen, about tonight, is it okay if we stop by my place so I can change and then leave from there?  You can leave your car and I’ll drive if that’s okay with you.”


“Sure, that sounds great.  I have clothes in the car.”


“That’s my girl, always prepared.”


Were it not for her dark complexion, Dannie would have flushed a wonderful shade of red before she could mumble something about checking the bar and run upstairs.  Once at the top of the stairs, she damn near fell back down them in the excitement of the moment.  The rest of the day would fly right by, she was sure of it.


As expected, Dannie’s day ended in the blink of an eye, the shake of a tail, and every other cheesy cliché that’s out there.  She ran into Steve as she was making a last round of the store.


“Almost ready, D?”


“Just about.  Maybe fifteen more minutes.”


“Okay then.  I’m going upstairs to have a drink.  Meet me there?”




Dannie finished up with all of her tasks and the butterflies started migrating south to her stomach while the rest of her migrated north to the bar.  She pulled up a spot next to Steve and ordered a drink.  They chatted a while and finished their drinks.  Noticing the empty glasses, the bartender stopped over to see if refills were needed.


“I’m good, thanks.  Do you know how far I have to drive to get home?” Dannie queried.


“No idea,” replied the bartender, but at the same time, Steve whispered “About 10 minutes.”


And the Oscar goes to…Dannie for acting like she didn’t just have a heart attack.  Was he serious with that comment?  Dannie was just plain floored, but somehow managed to laugh it off and suggest that they get going.  Steve agreed that it was time to go, so they tipped the bartender and headed over to Steve’s place.  When they arrived, Steve offered his bedroom so Dannie could change which she did as quickly as she could.  Once she was dressed and ready, Dannie watched some TV while Steve got ready.


Steve emerged from the bedroom looking more fantastic than Dannie had ever seen him.  It was just jeans and a t-shirt, but boy did he look great in them.  The dark hair, the light eyes, the tattoo creeping out of the top of his shirt, it all had Dannie aflutter.  He asked if she was ready to go and she answered in the affirmative.  As promised, Steve drove them down to the club.


It was obvious that Steve had been to this club before since he had a ‘usual’ parking spot.  Dannie wondered how he remembered, but she was soon to find out.  Steve was kind enough to pay the cover for both of them and ushered Dannie inside.


The club was a little dark and smoky but otherwise clean.  It looked like the opening band had just finished so they were right on time.  In the moment that Dannie had taken to look around, Steve had somehow snuck away to the bar and was already returning with beers for them both.  Steve handed her the beer with one hand and started dragging her to a table with the other.


“Come on, everyone’s over there.”


Everyone?!?!?  Dannie was not prepared for that.  They wound their way through the throng of people and made it to a table that was full of beer and people.  Right away, Dannie recognized the other Steve, but the rest of the people were strangers.  This was so unfair, Dannie thought to herself.  Steve never even mentioned that there would be a bunch of people there that she’d be expected to socialize with, but, always up for a good time, Dannie made the best of it.


Introductions were made and drinking commenced.  The band came on and Dannie enjoyed them a lot.  She enjoyed them enough to pick up their CD, although it would be tough to say that it was simply for the music and not a memento of the evening.  Steve’s friends took Dannie in and made her feel welcome, and by the end of the evening, she knew a little something about everyone and vise versa…..





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Should have been hers (but the girl's got issues) pt. 3

Eventually, I will put all of this together.  In the meantime, here is part one.

Here is part two.

And now, on with the story.

Dannie was more tired than she gave herself credit for since the next thing she remembered was waking up in a strange place under something heavy.  She looked around and tried to clear the fog from her head.  Ceiling.  Window.  Bed.  Four-post.  Holy crap!  I'm in Steve's bed!

The heavy thing that she was under was actually more than one thing: Steve's arm and leg.  Had they slept cuddled like this all night?  Seems impossible as Dannie just isn't the snuggling type.  The urge to relieve the pressure on her bladder struck Dannie just as hard as the realization of where she was.  She started trying to scoot out from under Steve as not to wake him, but the further she scooted away, the more he held on.

Dannie wondered if reverse psychology worked on the sleeping.  She stopped moving around to see if that would loosen his grip.  If it didn't work soon, she'd just have to power her way out because if she didn't get out of his bed soon, she was sure that she'd never be invited back.  Giving up all attempts at subtlety, Dannie slid out of the bed and into the bathroom.

After taking care of business, Dannie checked herself out in the mirror.  Her hair wasn't too badly mussed, a product of sleeping like the dead.  A few pillow lines on the face here and there, but nothing that should scare Steve to death when he wakes up and sees her there.  For lack of a toothbrush, she rinsed her mouth out and headed back to bed.

All of Dannie's efforts were for naught.  Steve woke up when she went to prevent her bladder from exploding.  When Dannie slid back into the bed, Steve was holding his arms out for her.  With no other thoughts other than going back to sleep, she cozied up in Steve's arms, letting his warmth and the faint smell of last night's cologne envelope her.


When Dannie woke again, she was alone.  She looked around the bedroom, no Steve.  The bathroom door was open and the smell of soap wafted out and tickled her nose.  Curiosity got the best of her and she ventured out into the living room.  Empty.  Now she was starting to get a little concerned.  She meekly called out Steve's name and in reply heard nothing but the chirping of the birds outside.  Completely at a loss for what to do next, Dannie decided to get dressed and head out as she did have to work later on.  She went back into the bedroom to find her pile of clothes and was stunned by what she found.  Her clothes and shoes were right where she left them, but on top of them sat a key and a note.


I had to go in for the mid shift.  You were sleeping so well; I didn't want to wake you.  Take your time, hang out if you like, just use this key to lock up when you leave.  I'll still be at work when you get there.  See you soon.


This was just too crazy for words.  First of all, Dannie knows that she isn't that deep of a sleeper, especially in someone else's bed.  Secondly, even though it won't happen, how in the world does Steve know that she won't ransack the place and take off?  At the very least, snoop through his stuff?  It turns out that Steve knows Dannie better than Dannie knows herself.  Not quite comfortable being alone in Steve's house, Dannie quickly gathers her things, makes the bed and vacates the premises.  The less time she's there, the less time there is for something to go wrong.

As Dannie drives home, she replays the events of the last 24 or so hours in her head.  It was one thing for him to invite her over, that's innocent enough, but for a friend to "coincidentally" drop by who seems to know a lot about her, and then for him to leave her in his house?  Tread lightly, she told herself.  Don't look into things.  Take this slow.

Taking things slow was easier said than done.  There would be the constant questioning from Jen and Lori, sideways looks from some of the other females that worked there, the growing attraction between Dannie and Steve, and there was a nagging voice in the back of Dannie's head urging her to keep her distance.  The first she tried to answer as vaguely as possible, the second she ignored, the third became a focus and the last, the last never went away, it just started losing its voice.

Later that day, Dannie found a discreet way to return Steve's key to him.  He asked if she had found everything she needed and she replied that she didn't need anything so there was nothing to find.  At this, Steve smiled the smile that makes knees weak and told her that she was welcome over any time.  He also chose this moment to tell her about a band that he was going to see.  He thought that she would enjoy them also and asked if she wanted to go.  The little voice, hoarse now, tried to tell her not to go, but her heart and mouth said yes before they ever even thought it out. 

They planned it all out and things magically fell into place, almost like Steve had written their schedules.  The band played on Saturday night, both Dannie and Steve would finish work by 9 and both had Sunday off.  The fates had allowed, just this once, planetary alignment for these two and left the rest to their good buddy chance.

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Should Have Been Hers (but the girl's got issues)

Click here for the first section of the story.

When Dannie reemerged from the bathroom, work clothes folded in hand, Steve had poured them each a glass of wine and situated himself on the couch.  Dannie looked around for the best place to stash her clothes and walked towards where she had left her shoes.  Steve, watching out of the corner of his eye, stopped her about halfway there.

"You can put that in the bedroom if you want.  Shoes too."

"Oh, okay, thanks."

Dannie ventured into the bedroom and commandeered an empty corner.  At the same time, she tried to get a good look around.  Interesting art on the walls and the most fantastic four-post bed ever.  She hurried to place her things neatly in the corner and went back to the living room.

"Hey, remember that movie that Carrie was talking about, Fear of A Black Hat?" Steve asked.

"Yeah, she said it was pretty funny."

"I picked it up if you want to watch it."

"Excellent!  Let's watch it!"

They sat down on the couch, not quite at opposite ends, but at a friendly distance.  As the wine in the bottle diminished, so did the distance between them.  More than halfway through a movie that could only thoroughly be enjoyed with a bottle of wine, the doorbell rang.

"Was that your doorbell?"

"Ugh, yes.  Hang on while I see who it is."

Dannie was polite enough to pause the movie while Steve was away.  He had gone down to the front door.  It seemed to take longer than she thought it should, and she soon found out why.

"Dannie, this is my buddy Steve."

"No kidding, you're both Steve?"

"Honestly, but I was Steve first," new Steve said.  Just what Dannie needed was name confusion.  For the sake of clarity, we'll go back to TS and NS for New Steve.

We all went through the pleasantries of being introduced and then NS went into a barrage of questions that Dannie found amusing.  By far, the most revealing question was regarding a certain band that Dannie loves, Metallica.  NS asked some obscure question about the band and Dannie rattled off the answer without even thinking.

"I told you she liked Metallica," TS gloated.

"Yep, you did," NS conceded.

There wasn't anything for Dannie to add to that little conversation, but she did make a mental note that TS had been talking about her to at least one of his friends.  How interesting.

"I've gotta get going, I just wanted to stop by and say hi," NS said on his way towards the door.

"No problem, man.  Always good to see you."

"Nice to meet you, Dannie."

"Same here, Steve."

And with a finger laid aside his nose and a twinkle, NS disappeared into the night.

"Do you always have friends stop by so late?"

"Not always, but sometimes.  We're all in the restaurant business, so no one has regular hours.  It isn't that late."

Dannie looked at her watch and was shocked to find that it was already after one in the morning.  She was getting a little tired and still had to drive 45 minutes to get home.

"Maybe not for you, but I'm going to turn into a pumpkin soon.  I think I should get ready to head out."

"Is it far for you to get home?"

"Not bad, 45 minutes maybe."

"Wow, it's really too late for you to be making that drive.  Why don't you just stay here?"

This, this is what Dannie was waiting for, and yet, she had a sudden urge to run.  Steve must have seen it in her face.

"Don't worry, you can sleep in the bed and I'll take the couch."

"No way, I can't kick you out of your own bed!  If anything, I'll take the couch."

"Look, don't be difficult.  You take the bed, I'll take the couch, we can finish the wine and the movie."

A little warily, Dannie agreed.  This wasn't like her at all to be so close to the prize and then shy away and she knew it.  She was entering dangerous territory.

After all the excitement of the day, Dannie was flat-out exhausted.  She started nodding off towards the end of the movie.  It was always the same with wine.  One or two glasses puts her to sleep but a steady flow keeps her awake and gives her a nasty hangover.  She felt a little bad, but the moment the movie was over, Dannie just needed to get to sleep.

"Steve, I think I'm gonna turn in.  I'm just wiped out."

"Don't worry, I'm pretty tired myself.  Go ahead in, make yourself at home.  I'll shut everything off and lock up."

"Thanks, Steve.  You're a lifesaver."

Dannie went in to lay down in Steve's bed in Steve's clothes.  She found those facts highly amusing and smiled in spite of herself.  She knew that she wasn't winning that bet, at least not tonight, but she was okay with that as well.  The lights were going off, one by one, until there was nothing left to see.  It didn't take long for Dannie to get comfortable enough to start drifting off to sleep.  She had just slipped into her lovely sleep coma only to be jolted awake by movement.  Close movement.

Although he had said that he would sleep on the couch, Steve had decided to slide into the bed with Dannie.  Again, it's why Dannie had come here, so she decided to keep quiet and see how things played out.  As Steve made himself comfortable, Dannie tried her best not to move, or breathe for that matter.  It seemed that as long as she stayed still, she might somehow find sleep again.

It didn't take long because Dannie was really just plain tired.  As odd as she found the situation, she was too beat to care.  She started relaxing once more only to be jolted back into mummified stage when Steve draped his leg over her.  He obviously felt the tension as he immediately asked if it was uncomfortable for her.  Dannie mumbled that it was fine and tried once more to get to sleep, but sleep would not come.  Not for a long time.

(to be continued…)

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QotD: Should Have Been Hers (but the girl's got issues)

Girl, boy, game you should have won, job you should have gotten…tell us about one that got away. 
Submitted by Phil.

Submitted for your approval, the story of a girl with a history of relationship dysfunction who once again sets herself up for a fall.

Our story begins many moons ago any restaurant in any major metropolitan area.  We enter the front door to find three girls, including our Dysfuntional Dannie huddled close and whispering.

"Did you see the new guy?" Dannie whispered to her cohorts.

"Hot, hot, hot!!" replied Jen.

"I wouldn't mind taking him for a spin," Lori chimed in.

"I love when we're all in agreeance.  Shall we make a bet, ladies?  50 bucks, paid by the two losers to the one that beds him first."

"You're on," Lori and Jen growled.

The challenge, initiated by Dannie, was on.  Mind you, these three girls are just silly and they like to have fun.  Not one is a knockout by magazine industry standards, but each has a quality that makes her special.  Jen is cute and has the most infectious laughter, Lori has the most intriguing blue eyes, and our Dannie, well, she's just different.  She relates to people differently than her friends do.  She grew up with all boys and therefore tends to think like one which makes her a seductress extraordinaire and a shoe-in to win the bet.

So it was that this poor, unsuspecting soul, we'll call him Steve, grew a bullseye or two.  Steve came into the restaurant as an MIT (manager-in-training) whereas Jen and Dannie were already management and Lori was one of the staff who might as well have been in management.  Advantage: Jen and Dannie.  Their position gave them more access to the target, but don't count anyone out just yet.

The days rolled by and the girls set upon their respective tasks of figuring out how to get Steve into bed.  It seemed as though Lori was taking an early lead, getting chummy with Steve, but Jen and Dannie were fearless as they intently watched the body language whenever they could engage in a conversation with TS, Target Steve.  Through all of this, somehow TS remained oblivious to the fact that not one, not two, but three girls were gunning for him.

Dannie was the first to make any significant headway as she and TS actually had a lot in common.  They shared interests in music, books and television not to mention their similar sense of humor and love for a good red wine.  Jen and Lori noticed this budding comraderie and questioned Dannie accordingly.

"Well, ladies, how's it coming?" asked Lori dejectedly.

"Zip, zero, zilch, nada from my side," Jen whined.  "I can't seem to even get him to look my way.  Especially since he always has his nose up Dannie's ass."

A slow smile crept across Dannie's face.  This wasn't an admission of defeat from her buddies, but a definite preparation of their white flags.  She knew that she was way ahead in this race but wasn't about to show it yet.

"Oh, come on.  He is not.  I see him talking to plenty of other people."

"Uh, yeah, when he isn't talking to you!" Lori complained.

"Just step up your game, ladies.  Let's keep it interesting," Dannie said as she headed towards the office where she knew TS was.


"She's winning this thing for sure.  Are you even going to try any more, Lori?"

"Hell no.  It's just a waste of our time now, don't you think?"

"Completely, Lori.  Completely."

Onward continued the quest for TS domination for Dannie, not knowing that Lori and Jen had given up and not caring because it had become more than just a game to her.  She actually was starting to enjoy TS' company.  She even considered dropping the T from TS.  All of these thoughts were running through her head as she opened the office door.

"Hey Dannie," Steve, no longer known as TS, spouted.

"Hi Steve."

Dannie tried to look disinterested.  Tried to look as though she had come in to the office for some reason other than to talk to him.  She just couldn't do it.  Luckily, wihtout even knowing, Steve saved her.

"Dannie, what time are you getting out of here?"

"Well, I'm closing, so I guess around 11."

"Are you on tomorrow?"

"Closing again."

"Okay.  Well, if you aren't too tired, do you wanna swing by my place after work?  I've got a great merlot and no one to share it with."

The moment of truth.  Try not to hyperventilate or do anything else stupid.

"Uh, well, okay I guess."

A master in the art of deception, Dannie was outwardly indifferent but on the inside, not just jumping, but hopping, spinning, dancing for joy.

"I still have a lot of stuff to take care of here, so I can wait for you until you're done and we can go together."

"Sure, sounds great."

"Cool, I'll see you later then."


Dannie walked out of the office, nothing in hand, completely giddy.  All of her time and effort was not for naught.  She was actually progressing.  And in fairness, or to rub it in their faces, she headed off to alert Jen and Lori to their impending parting of the ways between their wallets and $25 bucks each.

"Are you serious?!?!"


"He asked you over to his house?"


"Do you have anything to say besides yes?"


And at that, the three of them cracked up laughing.  Jen and Lori officially conceded the bet, figuring that if Dannie was headed over there tonight, she would close the deal for sure. 

The evening couldn't have dragged on any slower for Dannie.  She went through the motions, talking to guests, getting change for the cashier, but her mind was certainly elsewhere.  When 11 o'clock finally rolled around, she was out of her mind with anticipation.  With the restaurant locked and no one left inside but a few straggling employees, she retired to the office to finish up her paperwork.

Just as she was recounting the deposit, Steve knocked on the door.  Dannie let him in and for the first time, took a good, long look at him.  He was more than just eye candy, he was a good guy and it radiated from every pore of his being.  It was at that moment that Dannie realized that this was no longer about the bet.  She had developed feelings for Steve and now, she didn't know what to do with them.

"Just about ready, D?"

"Yeah, just gotta close everything up here."

"Great.  I'm going upstairs to watch TV, just yell up when you're ready," Steve said as he walked out the door.

"Yeah, okay."

This wasn't the time for deep soul-searching, but there was time for a quick probe.  Dannie asked herself if she thought this was right and her self told her that it didn't care.  As you know, the self is always right and so, as she locked the safe, she pondered what was ahead.

They decided that he would lead and she would follow in her car which was fine by Dannie in case she needed to make an emergency exit.  His place was only 10 minutes from work which didn't really give any time f
or second thoughts.

He escorted her into his apartment and she gave it the once-over.  Neat, clean, and definitely all male.  So far, so good.  He gave her the remote, offered her the couch, and made his home hers.  Dannie was instantly comfortable in Steve's apartment, which made sense as she had pretty much the same reaction to Steve.  When he resurfaced, he had changed into shorts and a t-shirt and offered her some of his clothes if she wanted to change as well.  She figured she'd be there at least a little while, so she took him up on the offer.

(to be continued…..)




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