Heaven. Oh, what is, heaven? I'll take Stupid Answers for $200.

Every weeknight at 7:30, we sit down for dinner and we watch Jeopardy.  Typically, my daughter gets mad because my boyfriend and I are fountains of useless knowledge and when she knows the answer, she can't get it out faster than we do.  If you know Jeopardy, you know that sometimes they have kids, or college kids, and sometimes, celebs.  We hate celebrity Jeopardy.  Sure it's great that they're playing for charity, but more often than not, the questions are outrageously simple.  I watch Jeopardy for the brain workout and that's the same reason I don't watch Wheel of Fortune.

Well, I don't remember what the category was, but the clue went a little something like this:

Andrew Jackson, when on his deathbed, said he would see his slaves in this place.

Right?  Simple?  Heaven.  Nice guy that AJ.  Not so nice two gals and one guy sitting in our living room because I shout out, "That great cotton field in the sky!"  I think at that point, my daughter swallowed a mouthful of pasta without chewing.  Being who we are, we can't let it go with just that.  Lovey chips in with, "See all those puffy clouds up there?  You'll still be picking!"  At this point, Kiddie is nearly in tears and we all have a great giggle.

It was funny!  Really!  We'll be there all week.

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  1. That's so funny, and so terribly wrong at the same time!I was a little miffed at how easy the questions were last night, too. But moreso at how bad the celebs were at answering even these simple questions. Martin Short is a brilliant guy and normally quick on his toes, but 1%? Really Martin?At our house, it's Jeopardy at 7, followed by that big ol' Wheel at 7:30. Both my wife and I like doing crosswords and jumbles, so we watch it and enjoy guessing the answers to the puzzles long before the contestants do (usually). As soon as we "get it", we go back to whatever else we were doing and the show becomes background noise until the next puzzle. We don't care what the contestants land on or how well they do. We just like the puzzles.

  2. You have such a great sense of humor! I love Wheel of Fortune! I mean the clues are for shit when it comes to actually guessing the word/phrase/whatever but it's adrenaline that runs through my veins when I guess the answer. πŸ™‚

  3. I've always wondered why they would put Jeopardy before Wheel. It's like warming up after you exercise. I used to watch Wheel with my grandparents all the time, but they got tired of me getting all the answers.
    Is it not amazing that these people are so bad at the most simple questions? I can understand when it's Joe Blow and he's up there playing for his own money in front of cameras and a studio audience. Maybe he gets nervous. But these people? That's your livelyhood! No excuse.
    Ohhh, I just remembered the real reason we don't watch Wheel. The Simpsons are on at 7!

  4. Surprisingly, I find I do better on word puzzles after I've had my trivia fix. I think my puzzle abilities only kick in after I've been putting my brain through its paces. That's one reason I don't wake up and do the crossword/jumble…I usually put it off until I get home from work and have had a chance to get the mental machine in gear.What'd you think of the guy a couple nights ago whose charity was the day school his daughter attended? I'm glad he didn't win the biggest money…

  5. I find that I can do word puzzles at any time. Could be that my brain is fragmented and that's why they're easy for me. πŸ™‚
    Freakin celebs. But Jeopardy should make then give to charities that are REAL charities. It's a shame that with all their money, they're still being selfish. I was happy to see NPH do well though and his money went to a good cause.

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