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    I’ll take Human Anatomy for a laugh, Alex

    It seems that the good stuff always happens during Jeopardy at our house.  As per the norm, we were sitting around after dinner expanding our minds with a good dose of jokes thrown in for good measure.  I believe the category was "No Bones about It" or something else cheesey like that where every answer was a bone in the body.

    The clue of the day was a video clue and so one of the Clue Crew was standing next to a skeleton and started asking about the last bone in the spine.

    You know, that one over there.


    So, Kiddo, being the genius that she is, decides to yell out the answer.


    Thankfully, we were already done eating because had food been being consumed, it certainly would have been spewed all across the room.

    Um, no.  That would be coccyx.

    Ohhh, she replied.

    "Where's your cervix?"

    HA!  No way is my child having sex or even thinking about it.

    Yes, I told her where it is to which she replied, oh, I was on the wrong side.

    Life, in our house, is a sitcom.

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    Heaven. Oh, what is, heaven? I'll take Stupid Answers for $200.

    Every weeknight at 7:30, we sit down for dinner and we watch Jeopardy.  Typically, my daughter gets mad because my boyfriend and I are fountains of useless knowledge and when she knows the answer, she can't get it out faster than we do.  If you know Jeopardy, you know that sometimes they have kids, or college kids, and sometimes, celebs.  We hate celebrity Jeopardy.  Sure it's great that they're playing for charity, but more often than not, the questions are outrageously simple.  I watch Jeopardy for the brain workout and that's the same reason I don't watch Wheel of Fortune.

    Well, I don't remember what the category was, but the clue went a little something like this:

    Andrew Jackson, when on his deathbed, said he would see his slaves in this place.

    Right?  Simple?  Heaven.  Nice guy that AJ.  Not so nice two gals and one guy sitting in our living room because I shout out, "That great cotton field in the sky!"  I think at that point, my daughter swallowed a mouthful of pasta without chewing.  Being who we are, we can't let it go with just that.  Lovey chips in with, "See all those puffy clouds up there?  You'll still be picking!"  At this point, Kiddie is nearly in tears and we all have a great giggle.

    It was funny!  Really!  We'll be there all week.

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