Bienvenidos al dos mil ocho!

A new year means just that, a new year.  Lovey and I brought in the new year in peace and a fair amount of quiet.  I am what is called 'una vieja', meaning an old lady for those who don't speak the language.  I just really like my sleep.  I didn't get to 34 still looking like I'm 21 by skipping out on my nap time.

I thought that maybe I would post daily or take a photo daily, but that may not happen.  I will, however, try to create a super photo blog of our trip to Park City so I can take my whole Vox 'hood along for the ride.  We're equipped with 3 cameras and a camcorder so hopefully there will be lots to see and do.

Best wishes for all in the new year.  Be true to yourselves.

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