Monday of a short week

So I guess that Monday is never bad when it's followed by 'of a short week'.  We're basically rocking a 2 and a half day week (as are most people who are slaves to Corp. America) of today and tomorrow and an early dismissal on Wednesday to begin stomach stretching preparations for the feast in which I make myself a complete pig on Thursday.

For a long time, pretty much since I moved in with Lovey, I've been looking to create some of my OWN space in the house.  Between the combination of my laziness and well, my laziness, it hasn't happened.  Well, not until this weekend.  I managed to create some space for myself in the gym without compromising any of the space the equipment needs to be functional.  I went on a slight bender and bought a couple things and now, my space is complete.

It's behind a door with a lock and the ground rules of "If I'm in here and it's anything short of World War III, you'd better not bother me" have been laid down.  I know that some readers will completely understand this while others will say 'what's the big deal' but for me, I'm super happy.  Although now I have no excuse for not getting more work done, which is actually what I wanted.  So have a great Monday all and have a peek at my new corner.  I know, those walls are awful.


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6 responses to “Monday of a short week”

  1. Having your own space makes a foreign land seem so much more inviting to come home to. I'm still working on my space situation as well. I have too much stuff and not enough corners of the house to put it in. Maybe I should just stop shopping… that might help.

  2. You may not have any idea how much you hit the nail on the head with that.
    I don't think you need to stop shopping, maybe just limit until you find space for everything and know that the next thing you buy already has a space. 🙂
    Wait, who am I kidding? New job, more money, shop till you drop! (Just don't forget to save some too, lol)

  3. It's a full 3-day work-week here. Is it weird that I'm envious of those people who only have to work a half-day on Wednesday when I'm already getting 2 days off, myself?Glad you got yourself your own space….it's such a sanity-saver to have one of those!

  4. @ Ross: I guess 2 and 3/4 days would be more accurate to describe the work week. They'll let us out probably at 3, which is great for those who stroll in at 9 or later, but I'm a 7:30 girl so it's not doing that much for me. But I'll TAKE IT!
    That space will probably save Lovey from many arguements and Kiddo from at least one yelling outburst.
    @grrrace: Thanks! Funny thing is that I've been looking online at office stores and Target and such and couldn't find anything until I got off my tookus and actually went to the store. Office Max didn't even have this on their site, jerks. But I'm glad to have it. 🙂

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