So, my mom spilled the beans and told me that she got us (Lovey, Kiddo and myself) a Wii for Xmas.  Since I've been wanting one since last year, I'm super excited.  Now I'm reaching out to the Vox world for input on which games are must haves.  I'm guessing she got the regular package that comes with a few games. (She's really a trooper.  Stood in line on Black Friday, yikes!)

I like puzzle type games, Kiddo will like snow/skateboarding type things and Lovey will play anything.  It would be nice to have things we can all play together.  I'm open to suggestions!  Thanks!

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Monday of a short week

So I guess that Monday is never bad when it's followed by 'of a short week'.  We're basically rocking a 2 and a half day week (as are most people who are slaves to Corp. America) of today and tomorrow and an early dismissal on Wednesday to begin stomach stretching preparations for the feast in which I make myself a complete pig on Thursday.

For a long time, pretty much since I moved in with Lovey, I've been looking to create some of my OWN space in the house.  Between the combination of my laziness and well, my laziness, it hasn't happened.  Well, not until this weekend.  I managed to create some space for myself in the gym without compromising any of the space the equipment needs to be functional.  I went on a slight bender and bought a couple things and now, my space is complete.

It's behind a door with a lock and the ground rules of "If I'm in here and it's anything short of World War III, you'd better not bother me" have been laid down.  I know that some readers will completely understand this while others will say 'what's the big deal' but for me, I'm super happy.  Although now I have no excuse for not getting more work done, which is actually what I wanted.  So have a great Monday all and have a peek at my new corner.  I know, those walls are awful.


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The Lieday Frist – II

Another week has passed us by already and again, I have nothing of substance of which to speak so lists make it all better.

  • There are officially 47 days until I will be trying not to bust my ass snowboarding at Park City.  I am excited, although not as excited as some others in the house.
  • Having a heart catheter isn't as big of a deal as I originally thought it was.  Very quick procedure for which they didn't even administer any good drugs. (Not for me, for my mom)
  • Mom's fine.  Has a strong ticker.  Will probably be around for many more years.
  • I am an evil pop tart.  Chocolate Frosted Vanilla Creme, if you must know.  That is quite apt if you think about the structure of that pop tart as it relates to me.
  • NaNoWHAT?.  Not one word.  Thoughts bouncing around in my head but not one word on paper.    There's always next year.
  • I am finally getting my own "space" in the house.  Took some throwing out of stuff and there will be some rearranging over the weekend, but I will have a (small) space all my own to put a desk and a chair so I can work.
  • I made the biggest, unhealthiest, ooeyest, gooeyest 10 pound pan of macaroni and cheese last night.  I think the folks at work will love it.
  • I am 23 days away from being 34 years old and the nurse at the hospital thought that I wasn't old enough to DRIVE!  HAHAHAHAHAHA, um, I believe the phrase is "Black don't crack."  At least that's what my dad told me.
  • A friend of mine in NY who runs a business wherein he would love to have me come work as we've worked together before wanted to know if I could be like a timeshare.  Spend the summer in NY working and then come back to FL in the winter.  I found this amusing.  Also impossible.  Darn.
  • How much effort do you think it would take to get random people to give me 50 cents or a dollar?  Could I get 3000 people to give me 50 cents?  1500 to give me a dollar?  Just wondering.
  • Why does it cost $600 to fly to Honduras from Miami?  Seriously.  Painful.
  • Hi, my name is MiamiShyner and I'm a procrastinator.  Sorry I'm late for the meeting, but I kept putting off getting ready.
  • Oh, don't hate on my "boots walk".  Today, I just feel like I look good and therefore I will do the walk.  Strut.  Confidence.  HA!  That's hot.
  • Is it too early to start thinking about New Year's Resolutions that I'm not going to keep?
  • I do not have a penis (attached to me) so I wish I would stop receiving emails offering to enhance my non-existing penis.
  • Man, I'm just rambling.
  • Considering my lack of ability to focus, I sometimes wonder if I have adult ADD. 

Okay, that's just about enough out of you, young lady.  Go to your room!  And have an ass-kicking weekend all!


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Thank you for flying Southwest

So, yeah, I fly Southwest.  It's easiest to get to Jacksonville from Miami that way.  It's also not ridiculously expensive for a last minute flight.  $250 for a round-trip on one day's notice is not bad at all. 

Overheard during pre-flight:

Flight attendant: Can I get you a drink?

Passenger: (Quiet mumbles)

FA: Are you kidding?  This is a cheap airline.  We don't have that.  (Please read this in snooty tone.)

Me: uncontrollable giggles.  Not at all assisted by the fact that in a three seat row, I am accompanied by two gentlemen who should have purchased two seats.  Thank goodness the flight was less than 90 minutes.


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Can you be a hypochondriac for someone else?

My mom told me yesterday that on Tuesday, she's going to have a heart catheter.  Yes, I know it's supposed to be routine and all, but that doesn't really make me worry any less.  She's been overweight for YEARS even with the lipo and I just know she eats like crap.  She's tough though.  She's been through a lot.  Loss of her parents, loss of my dad, raising me and my brother, raising her second husband's kids, etc.

I'm flying up on Monday afternoon and flying back Tuesday night so I can be there.  I'll take my laptop so (maybe) I can write while I wait. (The doctor told her she'd be there for 6 hours.)

I guess my main point here is, if you happen to think about it on Tuesday at about 8:15am EST, send a thought, prayer, shout out, whatever for mom's speedy recovery.  Thanks.

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