Thank you for flying Southwest

So, yeah, I fly Southwest.  It's easiest to get to Jacksonville from Miami that way.  It's also not ridiculously expensive for a last minute flight.  $250 for a round-trip on one day's notice is not bad at all. 

Overheard during pre-flight:

Flight attendant: Can I get you a drink?

Passenger: (Quiet mumbles)

FA: Are you kidding?  This is a cheap airline.  We don't have that.  (Please read this in snooty tone.)

Me: uncontrollable giggles.  Not at all assisted by the fact that in a three seat row, I am accompanied by two gentlemen who should have purchased two seats.  Thank goodness the flight was less than 90 minutes.


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  • i hate it when people ooze over into my seat. i'm a little person, but that doesn't give you the right to be partway in my seat. ugh. i hate it when i can feel their body heat. hehe.southwest has always been good to me, though. it's almost impossible to beat their rates! 🙂

  • If he hadn't had the air on full blast, I may have felt the heat but I was still freezing.
    I still loves me some Southwest!

  • oy, what a flight. Next yu'll need to bring your own folding chairs.

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