Can you be a hypochondriac for someone else?

My mom told me yesterday that on Tuesday, she's going to have a heart catheter.  Yes, I know it's supposed to be routine and all, but that doesn't really make me worry any less.  She's been overweight for YEARS even with the lipo and I just know she eats like crap.  She's tough though.  She's been through a lot.  Loss of her parents, loss of my dad, raising me and my brother, raising her second husband's kids, etc.

I'm flying up on Monday afternoon and flying back Tuesday night so I can be there.  I'll take my laptop so (maybe) I can write while I wait. (The doctor told her she'd be there for 6 hours.)

I guess my main point here is, if you happen to think about it on Tuesday at about 8:15am EST, send a thought, prayer, shout out, whatever for mom's speedy recovery.  Thanks.

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