So what's your weekend look like?

Aren't weekends supposed to be a relaxing time?  I mean, no work, or at least none of the Monday through Friday nine to five variety, sleeping in, staying up late, drinking and nookie all the time? No?  Damn.

I think that we've got it pretty well planned out.  Saturday, we'll get up and work out, make breakfast, eat, shower and then the fun begins.  Kiddo's going to the beach, but since she turned 14, she's too cool to go with Lovey and me so she's going with her friends.  All in all, that's ok.  It's nice that she's made so many friends in her time here.  And Lovey and I can drink and swear in excess and not worry about it.

So while she's off playing with friends, we'll be going to Publix, where shopping is a pleasure (or Pooblee, donde comprar es un placer), to get water, beer and snacks and then off to the beach for a few hours of working on my tan.  I've gotta be sun-kissed for next weekend, don't ya know!  After we're good and baked, we'll head back home to shower and probably sleep it off.  At some point, we've gotta get back to Publix to do the week's grocery shopping so we don't starve.  Saturday night's a great party night, but I think we might skip that.

I've just realized that I now have a huge dilemma.  The DVR is not yet connected and the STILLERS!! are on at 1.  Normally not a problem, but I promised Kiddo that we'd go do mani/pedis for her b-day and Moonfaire is also on Sunday.  So who gets me on Sunday?  My boys for whom I bleed black and gold or my inner witch that is dying to get out?  Tough tough call.

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  1. LOL! I can't say that the witches would be very happy with the TV and on top of that, my boys aren't on TV down here. Damn you Florida!!
    Off to the beach. 🙂 Thanks.

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