Slave To The Grind

Nothing starts out your Monday morning like some Skid Row, right? It was really a rhetorical question.

Four day week! At least in our house. Which means, of course, that these four days will take the equivalent of about 6 days. Hopefully having four days off in a row combined with the joy of an income tax refund (that just gets used for paying bills…how boring) will overcome the daily drudgery. Fingers crossed. Four days then I can get that monkey. Off.My.Back.

By the way, Skid Row, saw them in concert back in the day. They opened for Aerosmith. I went with my mom. She found perverse uses for the binoculars. End of story.

Oh, Monday. I wish you didn’t have to be so rough. I know you wouldn’t be if I could do better on weekends, but it’s so tough when all I wanna do is lay around  and eat bon bons or white cheddar Cheetos, take your pick. I promise (myself) that when we hit 90 days in that countdown, the workouts get real (or more real than they already are) because it’s bikinis and vacation and I’m vain.  Wait, let’s make that I’m VAIN. I’m ok with it cuz, hell, I look pretty damn good for 40.

Now, if I could just feel as good….hips, you will be my bitches. Hamstrings, you will comply and loosen up enough, along with your hip co-conspirators,to allow me to get into this front split before the end of the year. I wonder if training oversplits would help me get the regular ones. Someone told me that once. I don’t recall this person’s name, but said person was uber-flexible.

I feel like I should write a lot more here, but at the same time, I’m at a loss for words. Hit it, Baby D. So, yeah, that reference was for all 3 people out there who understand it. I’ve got to go kick Monday in the arse. Have a great day and know that you can do it. Put your back into it.

Back To The Grind

Because of COURSE this is appropriate Monday morning music! The majority of us are getting up and getting our grind on in one way or another. This could become the official song of Monday morning…in my world.

Back on that grind means back to working out and stretching. After Saturday’s shoulderplant, I knew that some exercises were gonna suck, but I wasn’t sure which ones. Pullups/chinups were ok. Pushups were ok with only mild discomfort. Yes, everything was going along fine until it was time for weighted flys. That’s where shit got real. Real uncomfortable. I think that, until I figure out what I hurt or it heals itself, I’ll stick to doing those flys with no weights.

This shoulder is also putting a slight damper on my 28-day handstand challenge. Luckily, the way the program is set up, I think I have another day or two before it should actually start if I do it on their schedule rather than my own. Their program has a second portion which may be something I should just skip ahead to, but the arm strength struggles this morning say otherwise. I swear I’ve thrown myself backwards at least a month. Ah well, keep on truckin’.

In the land of win, I’m still experimenting with my mini loaf pans. Last night was caramel pecan banana bread. I think I overbaked it just a touch as I’d like it to be more moist, but flavor-wise, I’m pretty much on point. Texture-wise, I think I’m more around muffin than bread, but live and learn. I don’t bake enough to truly get better at it, but I also don’t bake enough to truly feel (and see) what happens when I eat too many baked goods. So there’s that. Also in the land of win, after a slight stretching hiatus, I was back at it this morning and was further down in my split than I have possibly ever been. My body just loves those lazy days and rewards me for them in better flexibility while it punishes me for them with decreased strength. Can’t win them all and I think that right now, I’m going to opt for flexy over strong. Or flexy over added strong.

Well, as per the norm, so much to do, so little time. Hit the showers, kid! Now go out there and conquer the world!

Off My Game

Even though it’s Monday, I didn’t start the day off my game and fortunately, I’m back on it already.

As per all Mondays over the last two months, rise at 5:30 and physically prepare for getting to the gym so that I can mentally prepare for the week. I learned that today is Ganesh’s birthday, and in honor of that, we did/attempted Elephant pose. (Sit on the floor with legs outstretched. Tuck an arm/shoulder under the same side leg. Push through the palms and lift everything off of the floor.)



Photo credit: Yoga Journal

It’s difficult, but manageable. For a few seconds at least.

After a great practice and a relaxing Shavasana, I felt great and ready to tackle whatever might come my way this Monday morning.  I just wasn’t expecting it to come my way so quickly.  Like on the drive home from work.

There is currently a bit of construction going on between my house and the gym which means at times we slow down. No problem.  Most of the time, people go back up to the speed limit after getting past the construction.  Except for today.  Except for the car in front of me.

Now, being in my relaxed yoga mode, and in no real hurry to get home and turn on the work computer, I just bounced along to the beat of whatever happened to be on the radio as we rode our brakes all the way down the hill at 10 mph less than the speed limit.  Whatevs.  I have good tunes.  And as we reach the bottom of the hill, the car in front of me pulls into the turning lane and this, ahem, GENTLEMAN (NOT), proceeds to flip me off.  *sigh*

My first instinct was to follow him into the parking lot and confront him to see if he had something he needed to tell me, but that probably isn’t very yogi-like.  So I just went home.  I was bothered by this incident for at least 30 minutes before I came to a rationalization that made me laugh, feel sorry for him, and move on.

Realization. You are a more than middle-aged man driving a small not-quite sports car.  I’m sorry that you are likely having a mid-life crisis with your small penis.  And if you think things are rough now, wait until karma boomerangs back into you. And with that, I can let it go. 🙂

Have a wonderful Monday.

It’s the first Monday of summer!

And sure, Mondays suck in general, but it's summer!  Nothing like a bulleted list to chat about all the stuff that's fit to print.

  • Sunday morning, bright and early, Kiddo and I drove up to Fort Lauderdale International because it's time to go to camp!  Let me say that I am highly jealous of her getting to go to camp.  I want to go and hang out and get to do all kinds of cool stuff for a month!  Ah, to be a kid again.
  • After checking and re-checking and asking and re-asking, do you have everything with affirmative responses, we got to the airport and are at the gate when Kiddo says…I forgot my pillow.  Silly Kiddo.  But, she says, I remembered Tauram, so I'll sleep on him.  Who is this Tauram (pronounced tar-ram) you may ask? Tauram is a stuffed ram that I gave her approximately 6 years ago on a Club Med trip.  That thing is beat to death and she still takes it with her.  🙂
  • We were sitting at terminal waiting for her to board when she sees another girl that is wearing the same wristband that she has.  I tell her that maybe she should go say hello and maybe she's going to camp too.  She spouts off with some stuff about being shy.  She and I are quite similar in that way.  We're kind of quiet and reserved unless you know us, then all bets are off.  We were all kinds of stupid in the airport upon her departure although the other passengers found it amusing.  Stupid in the "ARRGH, I'm gonna miss you so much", overly melodramatic way.
  • Several hours later, I got a call from an unknown number, but not knowing if it might be Kiddo, I picked it up, and lo and behold, it was her.  She told me about her flight (uneventful) and that the girl in the airport was going to camp and that she's really cool and it was her phone that she was using.  So, she made a friend before she even got to camp.
  • A little while later, another call from another number.  Again I pick up and there she is again.  She's met another person from our area who is going to camp.  So she's rocked out two friends before she even makes it to camp.  If you're interested, the camp site is here.  She lucked out and got in a bunk that's close to all of the main activities that she's interested in, but kinda far from the cafeteria.
  • I ate like an absolute pig yesterday, proabably putting a negative dent in my weight loss goal.  Oh well, back to the routine this week.  I need to work out also but I'm sooooo lazy.
  • Today's horoscope says:

Communications with family members and others should be clear, honest, and loving. Though your physical passions may be surging beneath the surface today, MiamiShyner, they're still very much present, and you're likely to be feeling particularly romantic. You might want to read racy novels or go to a romantic movie. This is definitely the night to be alone with that special person in your life. Make sure you look your best, and have fun.

  • I've spoken to just about everyone in the family in the last two days and maybe that physical passion will go nutty since we have the house to ourselves.  Ha, I'm a bad girl.
  • There are only 19 days left until vacation.  Excitement!  And you can count on regular updates, as if you care, lol, because I will blog from my brand spanking new iPhone.  Yeah, I'm a sucker.  No, the reality is that Kiddo broke her phone and needs a new one but she's just not very responsible so I'm going to give her my phone which is fairly new (remember the DHL nightmare?) so if she breaks this one too, I won't be terribly upset.  Besides, does a 14 year old really need an iPhone?  I think not.
  • Almost forgot, concert coming on August 20, it's the Stone Temple Pilots.  We'll be going along with Mr. and Mrs. T.  The fun never ends!

Well, then, I think that's enough for now.  I have to get moving on this day.  I still have to post in other places, check twitter, plurk and a million other time wasters.  Happy summer! Happy Monday!

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Monday of a short week

So I guess that Monday is never bad when it's followed by 'of a short week'.  We're basically rocking a 2 and a half day week (as are most people who are slaves to Corp. America) of today and tomorrow and an early dismissal on Wednesday to begin stomach stretching preparations for the feast in which I make myself a complete pig on Thursday.

For a long time, pretty much since I moved in with Lovey, I've been looking to create some of my OWN space in the house.  Between the combination of my laziness and well, my laziness, it hasn't happened.  Well, not until this weekend.  I managed to create some space for myself in the gym without compromising any of the space the equipment needs to be functional.  I went on a slight bender and bought a couple things and now, my space is complete.

It's behind a door with a lock and the ground rules of "If I'm in here and it's anything short of World War III, you'd better not bother me" have been laid down.  I know that some readers will completely understand this while others will say 'what's the big deal' but for me, I'm super happy.  Although now I have no excuse for not getting more work done, which is actually what I wanted.  So have a great Monday all and have a peek at my new corner.  I know, those walls are awful.


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