Slave To The Grind

Nothing starts out your Monday morning like some Skid Row, right? It was really a rhetorical question.

Four day week! At least in our house. Which means, of course, that these four days will take the equivalent of about 6 days. Hopefully having four days off in a row combined with the joy of an income tax refund (that just gets used for paying bills…how boring) will overcome the daily drudgery. Fingers crossed. Four days then I can get that monkey. Off.My.Back.

By the way, Skid Row, saw them in concert back in the day. They opened for Aerosmith. I went with my mom. She found perverse uses for the binoculars. End of story.

Oh, Monday. I wish you didn’t have to be so rough. I know you wouldn’t be if I could do better on weekends, but it’s so tough when all I wanna do is lay around  and eat bon bons or white cheddar Cheetos, take your pick. I promise (myself) that when we hit 90 days in that countdown, the workouts get real (or more real than they already are) because it’s bikinis and vacation and I’m vain.  Wait, let’s make that I’m VAIN. I’m ok with it cuz, hell, I look pretty damn good for 40.

Now, if I could just feel as good….hips, you will be my bitches. Hamstrings, you will comply and loosen up enough, along with your hip co-conspirators,to allow me to get into this front split before the end of the year. I wonder if training oversplits would help me get the regular ones. Someone told me that once. I don’t recall this person’s name, but said person was uber-flexible.

I feel like I should write a lot more here, but at the same time, I’m at a loss for words. Hit it, Baby D. So, yeah, that reference was for all 3 people out there who understand it. I’ve got to go kick Monday in the arse. Have a great day and know that you can do it. Put your back into it.

Say What?