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    E’erybody In The Club

    Yes, that song is absolutely my guilty pleasure. As a matter of fact, I may put it on repeat for my drive this morning. Not my usual 10 minute drive, today, I’m heading to…the south office. Going down there once or twice a month is something I agreed to when I accepted the promotion. Fortunately, it’s infrequent. There’s no snow on the ground (it’s supposed to be around 50 today), I have a full tank of gas, and, oh yeah, it’s my FRIDAY! So go ahead and hit replay on that tune up there.

    Tomorrow – the Hallmark holiday of Hallmark holidays. We’re going snowboarding. Love is in the air, the thin, cold mountain air. Maybe I’ll draw a heart in the snow. Probably not. Snow angel? Possibly. Big body indentations from where I’ve crashed and burned? Boy I hope not.

    I’ve never been big on this whole February 14 shenanigans. I am fairly certain that we love each other every day so we don’t need a “special” day to celebrate it. I mean, we have our anniversary (all three of them) to pick one to celebrate. Why follow the norm? Buck the trend! But I know there will still be cards and flowers and frilly cuz it’s just how we roll. And staycation. Because it’s nice to have someone else clean up after me if only for a day or two.

    I thought that I was making this a four-day weekend as Monday is a holiday, but I got talked into coming in since we need coverage. It isn’t a tremendous deal as hubby has to work anyway and the office will be deserted AND I get the day back in PTO so it’ll just make up for some random summer day when I just don’t feel like going in. I know there will be those days when I would rather just go ride my bike or hang out at the trapeze. Last year I was able to do some half-day Wednesdays to get some flying in. I don’t think that’s gonna be accepted this year. Boo! Guess I’ll have to do my flying in the evening like the rest of the working stiffs.

    Ahh, speaking of stiff, shoulder, PLEASE! It’s been two weeks! I think it’s likely that I have a bone bruise up there. Pretty sure I had never had this happen and now twice in four months. Either my luck or my balance is going downhill and I can’t quite decide which one. The craziest part is that once I’m up for a little while, it behaves a little better, but I must be doing all kinds of shoulder workouts in my sleep, because when I first get up it’s damn near frozen. Gotta love yoga and shoulder openers. Had my laptop not gone bonkers this morning, I would have had a great session. Instead, I waited a half an hour for stupid Windows updates and then I only had time to write. See that? I chose you guys over working out. Tough choice. 😛

    Well, I’m even shorter on time than usual today so I’m gonna call this one. Wave if you see me (or hear me) coming down 25!

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    Slave To The Grind

    Nothing starts out your Monday morning like some Skid Row, right? It was really a rhetorical question.

    Four day week! At least in our house. Which means, of course, that these four days will take the equivalent of about 6 days. Hopefully having four days off in a row combined with the joy of an income tax refund (that just gets used for paying bills…how boring) will overcome the daily drudgery. Fingers crossed. Four days then I can get that monkey. Off.My.Back.

    By the way, Skid Row, saw them in concert back in the day. They opened for Aerosmith. I went with my mom. She found perverse uses for the binoculars. End of story.

    Oh, Monday. I wish you didn’t have to be so rough. I know you wouldn’t be if I could do better on weekends, but it’s so tough when all I wanna do is lay around  and eat bon bons or white cheddar Cheetos, take your pick. I promise (myself) that when we hit 90 days in that countdown, the workouts get real (or more real than they already are) because it’s bikinis and vacation and I’m vain.  Wait, let’s make that I’m VAIN. I’m ok with it cuz, hell, I look pretty damn good for 40.

    Now, if I could just feel as good….hips, you will be my bitches. Hamstrings, you will comply and loosen up enough, along with your hip co-conspirators,to allow me to get into this front split before the end of the year. I wonder if training oversplits would help me get the regular ones. Someone told me that once. I don’t recall this person’s name, but said person was uber-flexible.

    I feel like I should write a lot more here, but at the same time, I’m at a loss for words. Hit it, Baby D. So, yeah, that reference was for all 3 people out there who understand it. I’ve got to go kick Monday in the arse. Have a great day and know that you can do it. Put your back into it.

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    It's just WEDNESDAY!!

    So it happens to also be February 14.  So what?  Just so we're clear, this is not a day for love just because Hallmark says so.  Many other things have happened on this day, and plenty of them were violent.

    Look, don't get me wrong.  Businesses need to make money, keep the economy strong, blah, blah, blah.  But why is it such a big deal to show your love on this day?  Do you not love your spouse/sig. other every other day of the year?  I do.  I love him every day.  I tell him every day.  And that's why today is just Wednesday.  I told him not to waste money on the hype.  Everything that he gives me on a daily basis is more special, more romantic, and more loving than some forced flowers or candy just becuase big business says he should.

    No amount of chocolate or flowers will ever be better than the sparkle in his eyes when he smiles at me, the crappy living situation he rescued me from, the care and patience he shows towards my daughter or his half-asleep hugs when I leave for work in the morning.  Love didn't begin on February 14 and it doesn't end on February 15.  It's 24/7, 365 for those who are really in it.

    So yeah, go blow all your cash on overpriced candy and flowers today, but remember.  If you love him/her, spontaneous romance is more likely to be looked upon as special than today's efforts.  But that's just my opinion.

    I LOVE YOU BABE!  Happy Wednesday.

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